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Rotary encoder to HDG bug; much too intense ...

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Hy there!

I ve got me a joystick-board (bodnar) and few pushbuttons to begin with, they work fine so far.

I also got me few rotary encoders, and when I make one (16 detents) connect to the heading-bug, this moves in steps of about 5-10°.

Is there a way to make these steps smaller, reduce them to 1° or even 0,5°?

There is the possibilities "Heading Bug increase" and "Heading Bug Increase Fast", as well as decrease.

But make things go much slower, less intense?


Greetings, Andy

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This from the User Guide (page 32).  You should find them in the drop down list in Buttons+ Switches.




A set of ―fast‖ FS autopilot value increment/decrement controls. These add to the default FS ―inc‖ and ―dec‖ controls with ten times the increment. Values handled are Altitude, Speed, Mach, V/S, Heading, and both OBIs (Courses). 


Also this from page 33:




3.Enter 256/16383 in the parameter box. The 256 is the increment and 16383 is the limit. This will give 128 steps between –16383 and +16383 inclusive (32768 / 256 = 128). If you want a faster, coarser trim adjustment specify a larger increment, and of course vice versa for a slower, finer adjustment. 

4. You'll probably want it repeating whilst held, so check that too (but never set repeat for rotary switches which can be left in an „on‟ position, nor latching switches). 

5. Do the same for the decrement, with a parameter of 256/–16383 (–16383 being the lower limit). Note that the decrement is still positive—you can only provide positive numbers for this part. It is the definition of increment or decrement which controls the addition or subtraction. 


Hope this helps and I haven't led you astray  :???: (I'm sure Pete or someone else will chime in if I have).


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Hy Alan!

Thank you very much for your answer with this information.

I think, that's exactly where I'll have to go.

And with all of it, much deeper into FSUPC than so far, of course.

I'll see, how far I get, and come back for more!  ;-)

So long!

Greetings, Andy

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