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FSUIPC VRS F/A-18 Superbug and Logitech Force 3D Pro

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I'm Peter, I encountered some problems and don't know what is the cos :) in other words my joystick was fine until I bought Superbug, on Superbug manual it says that force feedback joysticks are connected via FSUIPC and my Logitech Force 3D Pro stops to work randomly, ones I can do the whole flight and sometimes it stops to work it means that I can see it moving yoks for a minute or two and stops, is gone from the option menu -> controls, I can't see it. On Superbug manual they says to install FSForce but after install fsforce it does the same, I configured Logitech profiler as well and thought every thing will be fine but sudanly it happened again and I'm out of ideas, meybe you have some if so please advise.


Kind Regards


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Something just pop up into my head, I was reading in here about ASN and AS 2012 and now I can recall that while I was doing training flights for VUSN they told to turn off all weather so I didn't start AS2012 and the joystick was actually fine I could fly without any problems, doing dozens of flights throughout one session opened of FSX which was impossible before cos even I managed to do one flight with fully functional joystick the second during one session was impossible, joystick nearly instantly froze and wasn't in controll option.

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