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Tower 2011: Arrival & Departure Frequency Charts for 25 Airports


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These charts are based on the Nyerges "Real Traffic" schedule file, "schedule.txt."  The times are UTC based on standard time.  The same graphs can also be used for the default installation of Tower! 2011.  The only apparent difference between the schedules is the airlines and aircraft.

To use the graphs, refer to the time you wish to start. For example, at LAX at 07:00 UTC you can expect 24 arrivals and 26 departures in the next hour if your sliders are set to max, there is space available at the arrival gates, etc.  Flights will not appear at an airport unless (1) the airline is present in the “airlines.txt” file, (2) the arrival/departure airport is present in the “airports.txt” file, (3) the airline has been assigned a terminal in the airport’s terminal file, and (4) there are empty parking spots at the assigned terminal. You can update your airports and airlines by referring to the Schedule Creator topic in this forum.  I usually keep my departures slider set higher than my arrivals slider to try to ensure some parking space. The time listed on the horizontal axis is the time you enter into Tower! 2011 on the start page.

Tower Real Traffic Combo.zip   24 Airport Combo Pack...added July 2, 2016

ATL Real Traffic.pdf

BOS Real Traffic.pdf

CLT Real Traffic.pdf  added July 2, 2016

DFW Real Traffic.pdf

EWR Real Traffic.pdf

EYW Real Traffic.pdf   added July 2, 2016

FRA Real Traffic.pdf

IAD Real Traffic.pdf

JFK Real Traffic.pdf

LAS Real Traffic.pdf

LAX Real Traffic.pdf

LGA Real Traffic.pdf  added July 2, 2016

LGW Real Traffic.pdf

LHR Real Traffic.pdf  added July 2, 2016

MCO Real Traffic.pdf

MIA Real Traffic.pdf

ORD Real Traffic.pdf

PHL Real Traffic.pdf

PHX Real Traffic.pdf

RDU Real Traffic.pdf

SAN Real Traffic.pdf

SEA Real Traffic.pdf

SFO Real Traffic.pdf

STT Real Traffic.pdf

YYZ Real Traffic.pdf   added August 9, 2016

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