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Keep the FSX sound when FSX looses focus

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As the topic suggests, is there a way to keep the FSX sound even when FSX is no longer the active application?


I just started using a two monitors setup and I find it very annoying how the FSX sound goes all silent whenever I do anything with the applications such as Aivlasoft EFB, ASN etc on my second monitor.


I was hoping maybe FSUIPC which so often proves to be the "magic toolbox" for FSX maybe also had a solution to this but couldn't find anything.


Anyone in here knows if there's a way around this?

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Found Flight1's SoundStream, thanks but I think paying $15 for such a simple utility that only serves one single purpose (although a good one) feels a bit so-so and was hoping there was another way.


Also I found an old post where someone reported SoundStream doesn't work with FS2Crew for the NGX. I woke up that old thread asking if they ever found a solution and I'm still waiting for an answer.

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Did some more searching for the issue with SoundStream and FS2Crew but that didn't give much so until I have a confirmation this SoundStream thing works with FS2Crew I guess I'm out of options.


I do feel a bit surprised I couldn't find more info on this because AFAIK there is quite a number of people running FSX with multiple monitors and they all must have the same annoying issue I have.

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