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Self changing calibration values?

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Hello Pete.


I'm comfortable and happy now that I understand how to calibrate the controls but what I don't understand is once I have saved a setting it's never the same next time I fly.


For example at VR pulling back the control column on one flight I will need to pull the column back some distance before lift off and the next flight I have only to look at it

and we have lift off!


Is this something to do possibly with weights and CG? or FSUIPC?


Thank you.




Alan  W

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Double check your calibration & settings. They should not change in FSUIPC once set.


I doubt it has anything to do with FSUIPC and everything to do with a/c weight, flap & trim settings, air temp/pressure, wind speed/direction, etc.


*It could be a failing stick/yoke, you'll need to expand info & do some testing.

Does it do the same if you use FS calibration and axis set up.  

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Hello jorg.bc


I think I've found the reason. I have a home made control column/yoke with 2 100nm gas  struts fitted. Problem I found with this is the movements are very 'sticky' so I removed one of the struts

and the movements are now super smooth, however the column now rests in the fully down position as the remaining strut is the opposing force so keeping it in this position.

So at 80kts when I pull the stick back it is a lot closer to the centre position and when reaching VR it hasn't the right feel about it. So leaving the stick fully forward, omitting pulling back slightly at 80kts,

and then at VR pulling right back, I've found a much more fluid action and a nice gentle lift off.

Suppose I better get my engineering skills back to work and find a solution to the mechanics of it! Hope that all makes sense.




Alan W

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