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strange behavior....fs9.cfg has been deleted.....

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Hi, excuse my english.....


I did a program for the virtual airline to which I belong. This program does not use the fs9.cfg or access the configuration folder of the simulator, the only thing it does is connect to and read data fsuipc. 

The strange thing is that 4 computers with fs9 where we have installed, 2 of them have lost fs9.cfg. 

The process has been: 

-Install software 

-Make a test flight: All OK and the simulator works as usual. 

-We close simulator and program. 

We re-open the simulator and fs9.cfg gone so is loaded by default. 


I wonder if in the library can be something that you can produce this behavior. 

I can assure that the program did not access any of the simulator than the fsuipc .... 


Any idea is welcome .....

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There is no file access or delete code in the DLL at all. I can't imaging it's anything to do with FSUIPC either.


Sorry, but I have no idea what could cause a file to get deleted.


All I can suggest is that you disable any other add-ons you are using. It may be being deleted by another add-on. Also try without your program running to make sure it definitely only happens with your program.



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