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Overflow exception in PayloadWeightKgs

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Hi, excuse my english....again....

I'm using your library and...I love it...really easy but, I found a problem with PayloadWeightKgs. It's giving an OverflowExpection. The steps to reproduce:


- Open the default flight "707-300 Cold and Dark KSEA" of the Captain Sim Boeing 707-300

- The payload weight in kgs in FSX........ 8.809kg.

- The error....you'll see in attached file.....

- The AircraftWeightKgs is OK....... 145.939kg.




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I don't have very good news about this.


The problem is that the Captain Sim 707 plane has 123 payload stations. FSUIPC can only deal with 61. My DLL wasn't checking this limit and so it was reading bad data for payload stations above 61.


I've fixed this problem so that it doesn't return bad data and overflow, but, I can't extend the 61 station limit in FSUIPC. So the DLL now only brings back the first 61.


I have added a boolean property on PayloadServices called TooManyPayloadStations. If this is 'true' then the current aircraft has more than 61 stations and therefore some will be inaccessible. Also the total payload values will also be incorrect because it can only count the first 61.


Although it's not really a 'fix', at least your application can tell which planes will cause a problem.


Attached is a new version of the DLL (2.7) (One targets the .NET 2 Framework, the other the .NET 4 Framework.)





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