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saitek trim wheel set up help!!

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hopefully these videos will clarify my problem a little further


Hey guys, I have just bought a new flight sim set with yoke, rudder, throttle, saitek multipanel, saitek switch, radio panel and trim wheel.

I have banging my head against the wall trying to get the saitek trim wheel to work but with no luck at all.

I am currently using SPAD and FSUIPC in conjunction.

the sensitivity on the wheel is insane!!! not even an inch of movement and the trim goes full up or full down....

even on the default fsx setting, it doesn't seem to like it and in fsuipc it jumps from -16000 to +16000 with extreme subtle movements...

I have searched everywhere but could not find anything...

please help!!!

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Hi Sonny


I had many of the same issues. I am a poor standin for Pete or other more experienced users, but I finally deleted the saitek trim wheel/elevator trim assignment in FSUIPC and set it up in the FSX controls page. Double clicked on Trim and spun the wheel until the Saitek trim wheel showed up in the text box. Now it is smooth as silk. The difference being that it cannot be varied by aircraft. If I have an aircraft that doesn't use trim, I just center it and leave it alone. I don't believe it is an FSUIPC issue. The trim wheel seems to be rather tempermental. Also, before loading a flight, I give the trim wheel a bunch of spins. It seems to require a bit of priming.


Hope this helps,


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You need to assign with the special assignment app that comes with the A2A aircraft, the input configurator. FSUIPC will only work if you do it via an aircraft specific profile and offsets, I'll show you how if you wish, but it is easier to use the A2A application.

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