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Rhino HOTAS - Callibration

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Not sure if this is right place to deal with this issue and there are a couple of caveats with respect to things I need to test out  (not at home, as I write this)


Iast night I had to rewrite the Prepar3d.cfg in order for 2.5 to not seek out a default flight that saved improperly. On restart, I noted that my Rhino was not callibrating  per FCUIPC right...I thought about it and though perhaps P3D had reverted to recognizing controls and thus unchecked the boax, went and reset all surface controls again.Trouble is when accelerating throttle quadrant, my right rear elevator on all planes (specifically Dino's Tomacat) reverts into lowermost postion in sync to the throttle application. I have cleared all settings and rescanned and reassigned...to no avail. 


So in looking to lose this issue I thought perhaps I would try latest version - currently running registered version 4.5 (I think)

Will uninstall all Saitek software and reinstall

will dig into cfg to see what's what.....

I have yet to set the various callibration zones ---- Am I understanding the followingcorrectly:


Rudder twist to left push (set)  middle (set) twist to right (set)

Elevator Push forward (set) pull backwards (set)

Ailerons: Pull left (set) middle (set) pull right (set)

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