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P3DV2.4 Spoilers axis also moving elevator trim even though axis is only assigned to spoliers

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Recently my spoilers have stopped working properly. This started after I installed the Majestic Dash 8. Now when I deploy spoilers in flight the aircrafts pitch up like they have hit a wall and soon starts to stall


I have assigned the spoilers to an axis on my Thrustmaster Warthog using FSuipc. I notice that when I go into calibrate joystick the elevator trim axis moves with the spoiler axis even though I have not assigned anything to elevator trim. I have tried assigning another axis to the elevator trim but problem persists.


When I deploy spoilers mid flight the elevator trim goes full nose down. Both axes seem to be controlled by the axis I set to the spoilers.


I have controls in P3D switched off so no conflict there, also no conflict with Linda.


This is affecting all aircraft.


Any advice gratefully received.






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Can you please double (triple?) check that there is nothing double-assigned, please? That's been the problem every time anything similar has happened in the past that I've seen in many years here. It might be worth checking that the Thrustmaster software doesn't assign things, as well as the FS internal assignments and FSUIPC/Linda.




ian P.

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