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Custom Airport Issue


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Hey guys,


I seem to be having an issue getting a custom airport to load in Tower.  I've been building airport according to the manual, but when I go into Tower and click "Start" the game starts to load then crashes to desktop.  According to game.log it just finished Initializing the Sun, so I have a feeling its crashing when loading the airport (since that is the next step) 

Program started at: 2015. 4. 6.  /  17:39:25
settings mgr init
profile mgr init
TGA mgr init
Init 3d win
WinVersion: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
Tower! 2011            version: 4.777.955
init font
Init new menu
Init settings menu
Init Info menu
Init Exit menu
menu end
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MENU CLOSED *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
menu destroyed
new game called
Gamewin created
SoundManager created
Camera created
Search Airplanes finished
Sun Initialized

I've done what I can to find the problem, deleting different combinations of objects (at one point having Tower only load the 2 runways), changing source images, etc.  I've checked spelling on everything as well.




Any idea what could be causing the issue?  I'm attaching the afx file (wrapped in a rar due to file size requirements)



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Altough we don't support new airports directly but I would recommend posting it so others can possibly check it for you.




Sounds good...here are all the files related to the project:



(Forgive the transparency issue in the menu, I was going to fix that later)

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Hello again,


Ok amend these two issues and all should be good :)


1) You need to resize ADIRS and Night_2 inages to 1024 x 1024 px each.


2) You also need to move the incoming airway lines to the start of the runway, the game doesn't support displaced threasholds, so will not pick up the airway unless it is at the end/begining of the runway.


Happy gaming!



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It works! (Sorta haha) The game now fully loads the airport, but I'm seeing 2 issues.


1) In the game log I see the following warning: 

Command window Initialized
Timetablewin Initialized
26 - 8
8 - 26
33 - 15
15 - 33

2) When some aircraft land on runway 8, they get to the opposite end and a "MAP ERROR, no escape: -100pts" message appears.  They do not experience this issue on 33 (maybe runway length?)



Any idea what might be behind these issues?

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Not sure on the first point, i may get it on my airports, i never check the log file, as long as the game plays as you expect it to....


second point though, It is the runway length, i get it at JFK when a heavy jet (748 for example) lands on runway 22L/4R and cant stop before the end, the artificial pilot doesn't know the runway maybe too short to land on so its up to you to put them on the right runway. some planes will have to use the longer runway regardless of your traffic flow direction.


If you think the a/c should be able to land on said runway, maybe double check you have scaled the top down image correctly, i only say because i've messed up the scale before!



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