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  1. Hold Short Lines JFK

    Imagine how quiet the forum would be if they did :-)
  2. Hold Short Lines JFK

    the new SP fixed the old bugs and released a whole load new ones lol.... I'll wait for some positive reviews before i download it i think
  3. Tracon 2012 se sid question

    Yes, you'd need an east and west flow data file if you wanted to do it that way
  4. Tracon 2012 se sid question

    Tracon engine will only recognise the first STAR/SID in the data file so you can only assign one STAR/SID per destination airport, this means you can't assign different STARs for different runways unfortunately. you have to choose the best option to facilitate all runways
  5. Tracon 2012 SE winds question

    Correct :-)
  6. Tracon 2012 se GA airport traffic

    The GA traffic don't follow a departure route for some reason, they should.... so unless you instruct them otherwise the will climb runway heading, they are basically vfr you just have to keep them out of the way of the jets. You don't have to climb them to 13000, as long as you hand them off before they reach the boundry you'll still get points
  7. Tracon 2012 SE winds question

    Realistic is the real life average wind, which is usually a 27 arrival flow. You need to set the wind to none or solid to be able to choose your runway
  8. Don't all games use the same schedule format, I've always used the same file copied to each directory without an issue.
  9. Discussion Board

    i think he means more along the lines of sub folders to seperate bug reports from other topics for example
  10. KLAX problem

    I'm sure there is a lesson to be learnt here..... backup backup backup always before updating
  11. KJFK airport view

    agree, way too high, it has been asked to be put back to where it should be but I think we are still waiting for that service pack to be released.
  12. Path Calculation Errors SP3.1d #FeelThere

    i agree, was better before, when it was a little slower, at least it could creat a logical route then
  13. Liveries now showing up Real Color Boston

    RT Sp5 would be the current, you won't need the previous versions. You will need RC for Boston, if you have RC for other airports then some aircraft may already be coloured but there is a dedicated RC for each airport. I don't yet have 3.1 so can't help with that bit but point five once the updated 3.1 is released, is what I would do as well. Gareth
  14. Problems with KJFK

    Feelthere have an SP due out before Christmas to fix all the bugs that were reported last year, I'd be supprised and disappointed if this issue isn't in the fix list.
  15. Problems with KJFK

    issue a hold position command before giving the corrected taxi route, it may help but depending on the route may still need thinking time