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TQ with Simconnect and Idle/cutoff lever problem

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Hi Srs,


I'm building my own throttle quadrant to be used with the Ifly 737NG, and managed with C#.  


I'm programming levers and buttons with the SDK of FSX (simconnect), and most of them are responding properly, the big deal begins when I assign a command for each idle/cutoff lever (engine start lever1&2), because on the sim there are no way to make them move. (I am not using FSUIPC, as I want a throttle that can be connected to any sim, also without FSUIPC).


I've found similar posts using FSUIPC, but this is not my case as I'm not writing directly to an offset (3590= Engine_1_ Fuel_Valve & 3594=Engine_2_Fuel_Valve).


From the Simconnect Event_IDs, I've used this events unsuccessfully:




MIXTURE1_SET (0=cutoff & 16383=idle)


So, does anyone know an event combination or a different command I can use to make them work?


I appreciate your help as this is driving me crazy.



Carlos Hernandez


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If you have a registered copy of FSUIPC you can enable 'event' logging and then operate the controls via the mouse or keyboard to see the controls the aircraft is using. However, it may not use standard FSX controls. 


Complex third-party aircraft like iFly and PMDG tend not to use the built-in FSX controls. Instead they build their own systems simulation separate from FSX. It's not unusual that SimConnect and FSUIPC do not work with these aircraft.


iFly have their own SDK which might enable you to do what you want. I would suggest you have a look at that or ask this question to iFly technical support or in one of their forums.



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Thanks Paul, I appreciate your kind response


Instead of FSUIPC, I revised with FSInterrogate what controls or keys were activated and I tried all of them in my C# program with same poor results. :-(


Now I'm thinking it is what you said about third parties tend to not use the built-in FSX controls.


As last option, I'll try with the Ifly SDK, although it seems that is not made to work with C #



Carlos Hernandez

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