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feelthere Embraer 175/195 and FSUICP


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I have just recently purchased the Embraer 175/195 package

and I am really excited about getting to know all of the systems

and things that this plane can do.


I have read the manual from start to finish and I am sure

there are many things I have missed.


The one thing I am wondering is that can you control all

of the flight functions (Elevators, Ailerons, and Rudder)

through FSUICP?


I made the sample flight following the manual's step by step

instructions and used the flight controls of FSX.


When I went to set up a profile for the 175/195 on FSUICP

I was not getting any response from the plane that is the reason

for asking.


Other than that I really enjoy setting up the FMC and all that goes

with it as well as the nice easy to read pop up gages. You don't

know what that means to an old man with bifocals. LOL


If anyone can shed some light on the FSUICP setup for this

plane I would appreciate it.


Thank you for you help.




PS: I returned the Eaglesoft Citation X V2 for the simple reason

I could not read any of the gauges or messages on the FMC, or other gages. 

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