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PMDG 737NGX - Display Mode

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Hello !


I'm trying to program my selector switch for the Main Display DUs and Lower DU, I found in the Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf that the offset is 654C and 654D (Byte x2) value : 0,1,2,3,4 and 0,1,2,3


I have try a couple of way to enter this under FSUIPC to assign it to a position switch, but without success. Can you help my guys showing me how to enter that in FSUIPC ?


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Hi Ben,


The FSUIPC offsets for PDMG are read-only so writing to them will have no effect.


In order to make the aircraft do something you need to send controls. If your switch is programmed like a joystick button then you can do this directly in FSUIPC (Buttons + Switches tab). The PMDG controls do not appear in the dropdown but you can use the first entry <custom Control> to enter the control number manually and then set the parameter in the normal way.


If you're using your own program to talk to FSUIPC via the IPC API, or you're using 3rd-party software which can only set FSUIPC offsets, then you can use the 'send control' offset at 0x3110.


The control numbers (also called Events) for PMDG aircraft can be found in their SDK. I forget the name of the exact file but it's a c header file with the .h extension.


For example, the Captain's Main Display DU selector switch is called EVT_DSP_CPT_MAIN_DU_SELECTOR in the .h file and has the decimal value of 69967. My understanding is that the parameter values for the controls match those documented for the offsets (albeit that controls always accept 2 bytes as a parameter value, so byte values need to be passed as 2 byte integers).


So, sending control 69967 with a parameter value of 4 should set the switch to the MFD position.


I don't have any PMDG aircraft so I can't test this for you.



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Hello Paul,

Many thanks for these crystal clear informations. Now I understand a little bit more about offsets and events. I have tested the "custom control" with 69967 (69632+335) with value : 0,1,2,3 and 4 and it's work perfectly.

Name of the .h file is PMDG_NGX_SDK.h


Have a great day


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