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If you mean you want to use it as an in-process COM object then it's possible for me to add a COM wrapper. However, it the DLL would still be managed code and would still required the .NET runtime to be installed. I can't guarantee it would work but you're welcome to try. If you mean an invisible activex user interface control, that could be a bit more difficult but I'm happy to look into it. 


If you're looking for a non-managed, COM version of this DLL then it doesn't exist. There may be other COM interfaces to FSUIPC written in other (more appropriate) languages like C++ but you'd need to ask up in the main support forum.


Alternatively, if you want to give a bit more information about how exactly you want to access the DLL (e.g. languages, development and runtime environments etc), I might be able to suggest a better solution than COM interop to managed code.



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Sorry, should have been a bit more descriptive. I am a bit old school and still program using Microsoft Visual Foxpro. Currently I use a VB.NET app that I wrote using your DLL to feed fsuipc offsets to my VFP app. I would like to cut out the middleman and be able to read offsets directly in VFP using an activex control

Hopefully this is possible. If not, I will continue to use my VB feeder app.



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Hi Brian,


I've had a look at it and it's not possible without a lot of work.


The main stumbling block is that the Offset(Of Type) class uses .NET generics to specify the type of the offset. COM/ActiveX has no such concept so it can't be mapped directly.  This means the automatic COM visibility option I was planning on using will just ignore the Offset class  It's probably possible to manually add a separate set of interfaces/methods that could be called via COM, but it would be a big job to work it all out and test it.


If you want to pursue the idea of an ActiveX or (more likely) a COM DLL then try asking up in the main support forum. It's more of a C/C++ programmers job.





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