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ERJ v2 manual questions


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feelThere ERJ v2 Manual: Page 49:

"So you will find 3 fields to enter data and 3 OR prompts. Those provide default settings. So
press them and select: 270/.56 for climb, MAX CRZ for cruise and VMO/MMO/3.0 for descent
(3,0 is the descent path angle you want to use)."

1) There is no MAX CRZ setting on the Cruise Mode screen; there is MAX SPD.  Is MAX SPD the same as MAX CRZ? 


Also, the decimal value that shows up for VMO/MMO/3.0 is 4.0, not 3.0.

"On pages 3/5 and 4/5, you can enter various meteorological data but if you don’t the FMS will compute them in flight so don’t change anything."

2) Page 3/5 of PERFORMANCE INIT does not contain meteorological data.  Instead it is titled "PERFORMANCE INIT-LB" and contains "STEP INCREMENT", "FUEL RESERVE", and "TO/LDG FUEL".  The comment on Page 28 makes reference to the three fields, but I cannot find in the manual where it discusses them further.


It would seem that these are pretty important values to be aware of.


Do you have some information that explains the use of these valuses?



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