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Emb 175/195 Question FS9


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Hi there,


I love this Wilco product and have spent many hours trying to master its systems.


And i am nearly there.


One small issue i am experiencing is the speed brake deployment.


I can deplot the speedbrake and on the pedistal panel the lever moves, but i get an error message saying "spoiler lvr disag".


This occurs on the ground, in flight or on approach/landing.


I assume the auto spoiler should arm and deploy on landing ?


And the spoiler can be used to reduce speed in descent ?


Looking at the aircraft from the external view the spoilers move a little, then stutter and then close.




I uninstalled and then re-installed but have the same issue.

Anybody else have this problem ?


Probably an easy fix.


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Hey Simon,


Were you able to find a fix for your spoiler issue?  I came to this forum because I'm having the same problem with my spoilers as well.  I keep getting a caution message saying spoiler disagree, or something to that affect. this is happening to me in the air, on the ground, with engines at idle or max thrust and with flaps down or up. I haven't found the fix yet so please let me know if you do.




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