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Decimal Degrees

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Hi Guys


Im trying to make a application in vb.net using the dll


im using this code out of the user guide:

Dim playerLatitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H560) 
Dim playerLongitude As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H568) 
Private Sub DisplayCurrentPosition() 
' Create new instances of FsLongitude and FsLatitude using the 
' raw 8-Byte data from the FSUIPC Offsets 
Dim lon As FsLongitude = New FsLongitude(playerLongitude.Value) 
Dim lat As FsLatitude = New FsLatitude(playerLatitude.Value) 
' Use the ToString() method to output in human readable form: 
Me.txtLatitude.Text = lat.ToString() 
Me.txtLongitude.Text = lon.ToString() 
End Sub 

and its working fine but I wondered if there was a way to display decimal degrees in the lat lon text boxes instead of converting them to DMS?


Many Thanks


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As cknipe rightly says, using DecimalDegrees will let you format it however you like.


Alternatively, you can also use the ToString() method. This will keep the padded three-digit degree number, and for longitude will also do E/W if you like.

lat.ToString("d", 6)

Where "d" means decimals only and 6 is the number of decimal places.

lon.ToString(True, "d", 6)

The "True" here means show E and W. If you set it to False you just get the plain number with - for west values.




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