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See my thread a few days back:


First off, remove any Saitek drivers. Then,

Try this recalibration fix

To recalibrate, first unplug the quadrant.

Go to start/run and type regedit.

The registry editor will have a list of folders on the left hand side. Go down into the following folders in order.





Media Properties

Private Properties

Direct Input

Inside the Direct Input folder, delete any folder that begins VID_06A3.

Once done, close the editor. Plug the quadrnat back in and move all the axes through their full range of movement 4 times.

Now go to control panel/game controllers/properties to see if everything is ok on the test screen.

Finally, what fixed mine was to do what I did in the last post of my initial thread. It has to do both with the Saitek registry and also the dead zones.

Good luck

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I have the same problem with CH controllers.  Not only the throttles going to reverse thrusters, but can't get the rudder working.  I thought the P3D v3 problem  was resolved.


Also I removed FSUICP because of this problem.  Today I thought I'd give it another shot, but now the registration won't take my key.


I guess I removed too much of FSUIPC.  Found a file in the trash (the key), restored it, then my key worked.


I still need help with the original problem however.

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