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RWY 26 no escape at PHL

Ty Jackson

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At PHL in west flow you cannot use runway 26 at all for any approaches. I always get "error no escape" when landing Dash 8's (which I've set to land within 2000ft). Dash 8's will slow down in ample time to make the exit at taxiway A, but when I get a successful landing I get penalized for no escape. Is there a way to make taxiways A, A2, A3, and D available for runway exit using the Airport Editor. Please help, I need a solution.

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Hey, I don't have KPHL but I've had that problem with KBOS for a couple reasons.  I've had E190's land and give the same error and just keep rolling off into infinity .. turns out the landing speed was unreasonably high so I lowered it to match the 170's and all is well again.  I've also had the issue at KBOS of having "approach" vector aircraft to runway 27 (7,000') that have a landing distance of 6800-7000' and they just continue off the end as well, same error.  My solution there is to either increase the landing distance to just over 7,000 or vector known aircraft manually to 22L or 33L depending on the pattern I'm using.


In your case though, with a 2,000' landing distance, there should be no problem at all.  My only guess would be that the taxiways are not connected to the runway.  When you look at them in the editor, do you see the little black dot at the intersection of the runway and taxiway?  I modded every single gate and parking space at KBOS and afterwards, found that a plane requesting clearance to taxi couldn't leave because the parking node wasn't connected to the taxiway.  That's the only thing I can think of .. if all looks right, try deleting one of the taxiways and putting it back yourself.  My south cargo gates (Fedex) were giving, "No terminal available" errors but when I took them out and remade them, they all worked.  Go figure.


Hope this helps.


~ John

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