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While Tower! 2011 came with excellent editors, I am wondering if users would be able to create third party airports for this game as well (building our own assets and animations in an editor like 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender, to use it as a base for a new airport). While Tower! 2011's editors were easy to use, obtaining satellite imagery would have been costly, and that probably put many people off from editing. With the 3D version, however, airports are not necessary based on satellite images (it is possible to make one without them, albeit more work with ground textures). I see many possibilities in this. So my question is: will there be editors provided with the game at some point (perhaps with the Pro version)?


Peter :)

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Hi Peter,

Creating an airport add-on for Tower!3D will be perhaps more difficult; it will also require the knowledge of Unity too. Very likely we will be offering some sort of service for our existing add-on developer partners (like we already did for Nyerges for their Real Traffic add-on for Tower!3D) but it's yet unclear how will it work out. 

Making an editor for Tower!3d would be a time consuming effort for us and based on our experience on T!2011 it's possibly remain in our hands. We had only 3 developers who regularly released add-ons for T!2011 so likely we will work with them on new airport releases. But it's still up in the air.



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