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You must copy the original "Runways.txt" file that is created when you run "MakeRunways" > "makerwys.exe" (by Pete Dowson) into your actual working Folder where RwyLength is installed.
(this Runways.txt file is about 100Mb)

Install / unzip where you like. Create a separate Folder.

This program is extracting:
ICAO, country, City, Apt-name
..... Rwy-ID, length in ft, le in meter, le in nautic miles.

Click on [ Start ]
(creating a new txt-file you can use and extract data in case you need this data for your own applications)
Later on, selecting the new created (shorter) File, the program start is faster.


You could use this program (with your own application) p.e. for creating a precise Runway-Length graphic display.

(when the APL passed 70% of rwy-Le the graphic could change color or a sound is advicing you)

What you need is the position Lat/Lon where your Runway is starting.

If the Aircraft is ready for take-off you can calculate the precise Rwy-Distance left based on:

Lat/Lon Pos Start-Rwy - Distance to any next or destination lat/lon position - considering the RywLenght and your actual Apl-Position lat/lon.


Input a ICAO into the Search-Field > click [ S ]earch button > select the List-Item-Airport.
Input a ICAO into the Search-Field > direkt connection to Charts and Airport Information.

The Charts [ Charts and Airport Data ] Button is connecting you directly to:
L-click >" flightaware" world airport information
R-click >" SkyVector" world aiports + Charts

[ Help ]


x avoiding Web-Scanning:
User: Runway
Pwd: 12345

Free Download here:




Credits to Pete Dowson the Author of MakeRunways.



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