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NpCmoveAircraft is a Lua script in the Numberpad Control family of FSX scripts that can be used to move an aircraft to a new position. Each step includes prompts for the required input and format.  User inputs include:

  • The distance to move (NMs)
  • The direction to move (degrees magnetic)
  • The desired altitude (ft)
  • The desired aircraft heading (degrees magnetic)
  • The desired aircraft IAS (Kts) and landing gear position -- up (u), down (d) or fixed (f)
  • Or - For any of the five inputs the user can simply enter a carriage return (Enter key) to signify No Change for that particular entry

Prior to the move the aircraft can be on the ground or in the air. So, for example, NpCmoveAircraft can be used to simply turn an a/c around, move it to the other end of a runway, reposition it for another approach after landing, jump ahead in cruise, catch up to another a/c, etc.  NpCmoveAircraft works with default FSX aircraft and many add-on aircraft that adhere to the standard FSUIPC offsets.  A registered copy of FSUIPC is required to execute the NpCmoveAircraft Lua script.  Simply copy the script to the Modules folder of FSX and use FSUIPC to assign a ‘hot key’, button or switch to activate the script.




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The attached RptMoveAircraft script is a variation of the above NpCmove Aircraft script in that when activated it asks if you want to Repeat(Rpt, i.e., reuse) the previous move settings. If you answer NO, then the script will ask for the same parameters as the above script. If you answer YES, then the script will immediately reuse your previous move parameters and move the aircraft accordingly. This is convenient for repetitive operations, such as when you want to reposition the aircraft after each landing when practicing approaches. The move parameters are saved in a csv file. The first time you run the script you must answer "NO" and enter parameters so an initial csv file is created. After the aircraft moves you may need to move the throttle, etc., slightly so the sim knows those settings.


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