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ILS - separate DME frequency


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I'm using the EJets v2 in FSX and currently flying an ILS at EDDL rwy 23L which uses a separate DME frequency (ILS I-DSW is 109.90 and the DME is the DUS VOR on 115.15).

I can tune the ILS into NAV1 and happily capture and follow the glideslope down to the runway, but I don't seem to be able to find a way to display the DME on the separate frequency anywhere on the PFD.

Is there any way to do this?



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Hi there,

Yes, in the real airplane it is possible to tune another DME (a not collocated DME) into the second line just below the Nav1 active frequency. This feature is called the "DME HOLD" feature but it is not incorporated by Feelthere. If you press LSK 4L (or 4R) twice in the real aircraft, you the get a totally different radio page where you can turn on DME HOLD and enter the frequency of the DME.

Feelthere has made the second line a "frequency pre-select line" only :-(

The best you can do in this case is programm the ILS frequency active in NAV1 and the separate DME frequency in Nav2 and use both PFD 1 (for Loc/Gs indication) and PFD2 for the DME indication.

Hope this helps.

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