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Draw Wind - Detect gate via G5.CSv

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Hello Paul,

What's the way to catch Wind & speed and draw in realtime an Arrow to a form, for my acars system reports in vb.net ?

I'm looking for a function you to do that.



Public Function getrunaway(ByVal icaocode As String) As String
        Dim lon As FsLongitude = New FsLongitude(playerLongitude.Value)
        Dim lat As FsLatitude = New FsLatitude(playerLatitude.Value)
        ' Get the point for the current plane position
        Dim currentPosition As FsLatLonPoint = New FsLatLonPoint(lat, lon)
        Dim pathto As String = My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath
        Using MyReader As New Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.TextFieldParser(pathto & "\runways.csv")
            MyReader.TextFieldType = FileIO.FieldType.Delimited
            Dim runawayst As String
            Dim runawaynum As String
            Dim runawaydes1 As String
            Dim runawaydes2 As String = ""
            Dim runawayreturn As String
            Dim currentRow As String()
            While Not MyReader.EndOfData
                    currentRow = MyReader.ReadFields()
                    If currentRow(0) = icaocode Then
                        runawayst = currentRow(1)
                        runawaynum = runawayst.Substring(1, 2)
                        runawaydes1 = runawayst.Substring(3, 1)
                        If runawaydes1 = "0" Then runawaydes2 = ""
                        If runawaydes1 = "1" Then runawaydes2 = "L"
                        If runawaydes1 = "2" Then runawaydes2 = "R"
                        If runawaydes1 = "3" Then runawaydes2 = "C"
                        If runawaydes1 = "4" Then runawaydes2 = "W"
                        Dim aaa As String = currentRow(2)
                        Dim bbb As String = currentRow(3)
                        Dim aaaa As Double
                        Dim bbbb As Double
                        aaaa = System.Convert.ToDouble(aaa)
                        bbbb = System.Convert.ToDouble(bbb)
                        Dim rwyThresholdLat As FsLatitude = New FsLatitude(aaaa)
                        Dim rwyThresholdLon As FsLongitude = New FsLongitude(bbbb)
                        Dim rwyMagHeading As Double = CDbl(currentRow(5))
                        Dim rwyMagVariation As Double = 0
                        Dim rwyLength As Double = CDbl(currentRow(6)) / 2
                        Dim rwyWidth As Double = 254D

                        Dim thresholdCentre As FsLatLonPoint = New FsLatLonPoint(rwyThresholdLat, rwyThresholdLon)
                        Dim trueHeading As Double = rwyMagHeading + rwyMagVariation
                        runwayQuad = FsLatLonQuadrilateral.ForRunway(thresholdCentre, trueHeading, rwyWidth, rwyLength)
                        If runwayQuad.ContainsPoint(currentPosition) = True Then
                            runawayreturn = runawaynum & runawaydes2
                            Return runawayreturn
                            Exit Function
                        End If
                    End If
                Catch ex As Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.MalformedLineException
                    'MsgBox("Line " & ex.Message & "is not valid and will be skipped.")
                End Try
            End While
        End Using

        Return ""
    End Function

 Public Function getWindDirectionFromMETAR(metar As String)
        Dim heading As Integer = 0

            Dim endPos As Integer = metar.IndexOf("KT")
            If endPos >= 0 Then
                Dim startPos As Double = metar.LastIndexOf(" ", endPos)
                If startPos >= 0 Then
                    heading = metar.Substring(startPos + 1, 3)
                End If
            End If

        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try
        Return heading
    End Function

Thanks Regards Fred

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Just function To draw in real time with values of wind component.

I have already offset and formation to receive values. I try now rotate arrow depending of where come from wind.

Here the code :

 Function Rotation(ByVal AngleDegre As Integer)

        Dim G As Graphics
        'on mémorise la longueur de l'image
        'je pars de l'hypothèse que j'utilise une image carré
        Dim Largeur As Integer = FrmMain.Windirimg.Image.Width
        Dim Hauteur As Integer = FrmMain.Windirimg.Image.Height

        'on mémorise l'image présente dans la picture box
        Dim IMG = FrmMain.Windirimg.Image

        'définition de la picturebox comme espace de dessin
        G = FrmMain.Windirimg.CreateGraphics()

        'on efface 

        'on transforme l'angle en radians
        Dim Angle As Double = AngleDegre / 180 * Math.PI

        'on calcule les nouvelles coord X et Y de l'image 
        Dim PosX As Single = Math.Sqrt(2) * (Largeur) * Math.Sin(Angle / 2) * Math.Cos(Math.PI / 4 + Angle / 2)
        Dim PosY As Single = -Math.Sqrt(2) * (Largeur) * Math.Sin(Angle / 2) * Math.Cos(Math.PI / 4 - Angle / 2)

        'on fait la rotation

        'on dessine l'image rotée aux nouvelles coordonnées
        G.DrawImage(IMG, PosX, PosY, Largeur, Hauteur)

        'on libère !
    End Function


Trying also to find runways in use by METAR and if AI Trafic are in use works with AI Trafic and not by METAR

Regards Fred



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