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HUD Parameters for FSX


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HUD Parameters for FSX


HUDparameters.lua is a Lua script that displays flight parameters in a small text window that pops up when the script is selected by an assigned key or button if the aircraft is in the air. Parameters displayed are: 

·         Indicated Airspeed (IAS. Kts)

·         True Airspeed (TAS, Kts)

·         Ground Speed (GS, Kts)

·         Mach# (when above a user settable altitude, currently 25000ft)

·         Altitude (ALT, ft)

·         Radio Altitude (RA, ft)

·         Vertical Speed (VS,  ft/min)

·         Vertical Speed per Nautical Mile (VS/NM,  ft/NM)

·          Attitude Indicator pitch (AI, degrees)

·         Flight Path Angle (FPA, degrees)

The top of the script contains user settable values for the size and location of the display, the altitude above which the a/c Mach# will be displayed (default is 25000ft), the data update interval in milliseconds (default is 2000), and whether or not data is to be logged in HUDparameters.log  (default is 0, off). These values can be set using a text editor like NotePad.   A registered copy of FSUIPC is required to execute the Lua script. Simply copy the script to the Modules folder of FSX and use FSUIPC4 to assign a key, button or switch to toggle the script on and off. The script turns off if the aircraft is on the ground.





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