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TRACON!2012 - Custom sector - departing aircraft are assigned to depature on takeoff w/o handoff from tower


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I am currently working on a custom sector - Denver CO (KDEN).  So far, everything is working except for some strange behavior from departing aircraft.

When they leave the runway - and first show up on the screen - they are already assigned to departure. There is no handoff from the tower.  They will report in, but acknowledging them with "xxx123 radar contact" has no effect. They do respond to other commands.

I am wondering what setting I might be missing in the editor that would fix this issue?  I am also wondering if it might have something to do with the high altitude of the airport? The runways altitudes are all over 5300 feet.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




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On 8/9/2017 at 2:29 PM, shyland said:

Update: I lowered the runway altitude to 2,000 feet. It had no effect on the above issue.  Must be a setting I'm missing somewhere.

OK. I figured it out. A big clue was similar behavior with the Las Vegas sector. This may be common knowledge, but airport/runway elevation is a factor. Lowering the elevation of some of my runways to aprox 20 feet worked. It is somewhat aggravating that this is "hard coded", but at least I know why its occurring.

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