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KJFK - A few taxi/push back errors


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I ran across some relatively minor issues on a recent JFK session.

  1. HAL51 was unable to push from the northeastern most gate at Terminal 5 (see first screenshot) - it came back with a "Road calculation error." It could be something to do with the aircraft being a heavy.
  2. When aircraft push from the outer three gates (as in the ones closest to Taxiway A) on the northwestern side of Terminal 2 (Delta Terminal) they push back into the southeastern gates of Terminal 1; then when you give them instructions to taxi they spin around for about 2 minutes before they finally head out on their way. I haven't had any of them fail to taxi or crash into anything so it's really more of a annoyance than an actual problem (see screenshot 2).
  3. Similar to #2, when aircraft arrive at the innermost gate on the northwestern side of the southeastern pier of Terminal 7 they spin around for a bit before finally parking. I forgot to get a screenshot of that one but if you look at the first screenshot below the gate in question is the innermost one on the northwestern side of the row stemming from taxiway W (I'm confused just typing this so I'll try to get a screenshot! :) ).
  4. Aircraft bound for the American Airlines terminal (I think Terminal 8) land on 4R and vacate onto taxiway FB, if I give them any taxi instructions other than the basic "Taxi to Terminal" the sim starts to slow down almost to the point of freezing entirely. After about 3-5 minutes the route will finally generate and everything returns to normal but, it's essentially unplayable while it's thinking. If I stick to the basic "Taxi to Terminal" instruction the sim won't slow down but it ends up calculating this really roundabout route along FB, C, E (over runway 13L/31R), B to to the terminal. I checked the log and I don't see anything obvious but, I don't know what to look for either. There is a workaround so not the end of the world if this one can't be tracked down but, based on some other posts I don't think I'm the only one to have run into similar issues at JFK. AAL236 is an example on the attached log where the issue occurred.




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