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Is it possible to switch on or off seatbelt signs using FSUIPC?


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The seatbelt offset is 0x341D. Only available on FSUIPC4 & FSUIPC5. You can read and write to this offset.

Dim seatbelts As Offset(Of Byte) = New Offset(Of Byte)("Seatbelts", &H341D)

This will work with default aircraft but may not work with some 3rd party aircraft because they sometimes implement their own systems.


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All the offsets are documented in "FSUIPC4 Offset Status.pdf". This can be found in the "FSUIPC Documents" folder under the Modules folder.

FSinterrogate isn't kept up-to-date so always use this document to find offsets. It also has useful information and comments about each offset which is missing from FSInterrogate.



is it like 0 = off 1= on ?

Yes, 0 and 1. (Check the PDF)


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It depends on the aircraft. Each will be different. Most are likely to hook into the FS control and act the same as the default aircraft, so those will work fine.

However, if they don't then you need to research that particular aircraft and see what external access they provide, if any.

Sometimes the manufacturer will provide 'custom controls' (aka Events) that can be sent to FS (e.g. PMDG's 737). Other times manufacturers will provide key presses to operate certain systems. Some use Local Panel Variables (aka L:VARs). Some provide no external access at all.

All of these techniques can be accessed via FSUIPC, but the specifics (e.g. which control number, key and L:VAR) are different for each aircraft.

You'll need to look at the documentation for the aircraft, research the forums if they have any or ask the developers directly.


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