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Hello everyone!

Many of you have not heard from me for a while on this forum, and that is because I have been working on a new project: FlyChrono.

FlyChrono is a time management tool for FSX/P3D. Not only will it sync your simulator time with the real world Zulu time, it will also allow you to set the time of your sim manually and even make an alarm go off when you reach a certain time before an ETA/certain distance from an airport. At the moment, all FlyChrono does is sync the real world time to the Zulu time.

Here are some things FlyChrono has going for it:

  • FlyChrono syncs the simulator time to the nearest two real-Zulu seconds (maximum). Accuracy may vary - this is a limitation of the way FSX/P3D handles time.
  • FlyChrono has a beautiful UI. Much time has been spent in making FlyChrono as user-friendly as possible while remaining silent but powerful. :-}
  • [Future feature] You can set the GMT or local time manually, or you can ask FlyChrono to sync an offset GMT time.
  • [Future feature] You can set alarms that go off a certain time before an ETA, or when you are a certain distance away from an airport.
  • [Potential feature] FlyChrono may be able to autosave in the future; the presence of this feature depends on how the whole thing turns out.
  • [Potential feature] If you use FlyLive (another app of mine), FlyChrono will be able to grab data from it in order to minimize lag from too many FSUIPC data requisitions.

Users, please note:

  • For now, FlyChrono will not set the Zulu time based on the actual local time of your coordinates. All it does time-syncing wise is set the Zulu time.
  • FlyChrono is in beta and users must expect and tolerate bugs. A beta team is hard at work behind the scenes testing every feature to make sure it is polished before being open to the public eye.
  • FlyChrono will auto-update on launch without any user interaction.
  • This is not completely ripping off FSRealTime. FSRealTime does much more than just sync the zulu time - it does some Harry Potter magic with the local time as well. FlyChrono is a free and arguably user-friendlier alternative with different features (in the full release) than FSRealTime.

The installer for FlyChrono is attached as a ZIP file. The installer will install these two products:

  • FlyCentral - allows you to install, uninstall and manage all of my applications. Required for FlyChrono to function!
  • FlyChrono - explained in the essay I wrote above.

FlyChrono Install.zip

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I know its a bit of late reply, but im going to try it out then get back to you. Looks Promising. Something this basic, i believe you shouldnt have to pay for it... but it is flight sim at the end of the day. Fantastic Job. 


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