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  1. @Pete Dowson May I ask where you got this information?
  2. DOWNLOAD - https://flyapps.weebly.com/flylive-studio.html Hello all: You may know me for my previous contributions to the community such as FlyLive and FlyChrono. Today I bring to you FlyLive Studio. If you've used the old FlyLive, you are probably aware that it isn't the easiest thing to set up. The UX isn't that great, and setting up the overlay in OBS takes some time. FlyLive Studio solves all of the problems that shipped with the old installment of FlyLive. You design the overlay in the application, and you export it as an HTML OVERLAY. This dramatically increases the data
  3. Hello everyone! Many of you have not heard from me for a while on this forum, and that is because I have been working on a new project: FlyChrono. FlyChrono is a time management tool for FSX/P3D. Not only will it sync your simulator time with the real world Zulu time, it will also allow you to set the time of your sim manually and even make an alarm go off when you reach a certain time before an ETA/certain distance from an airport. At the moment, all FlyChrono does is sync the real world time to the Zulu time. Here are some things FlyChrono has going for it: FlyChrono syn
  4. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. I'm just too lazy to look through all the hundreds of offsets :P
  5. All I ask for is a way to check if the local flight simulator running on the user's machine is loaded in and ready to go, via an offset or something. I do not need to do anything related to networking.
  6. Hello, I would like to ask if there is any way to check if the user is loaded into the sim. This means the user can move the camera around, control the aircraft etc. Thanks
  7. Roger - will have a look when I have time. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, I am making an application with the FSUIPC .NET client. I would like to make it so the aircraft can smoothly move from one point to another in a certain amount of time. I am coding in VB. Is this possible in FSUIPC? So far I've made it so the app records your coordinates when the form opens, then when you click a button it sends your aircraft back to that position. Public Class MainForm Dim lat As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H560) Dim lng As Offset(Of Long) = New Offset(Of Long)(&H568) Dim latitude As Double Dim longitude As Dou
  9. Unfortunately not but that is planned. It's not as easy as it seems to do it.
  10. Oh and here's a nice quick comparison I made for VirtuaFlight vs other programs http://flyliveapp.weebly.com/comparison.html
  11. I'm sticking with my own free program FlyLive that has the exact same features :P Oh and also. Why is the prequisites section word for word the same as the one I wrote for my program? Suspicious
  12. Hello all, I have made a tool that is designed to enhance your flight simulator stream. It is a free alternative to the ProjectFLY streaming tools. Features include: Flight labels - they work just like stream labels that show things like "latest donator", "latest follower" etc. Flight labels include: Altitude Ground speed Vertical speed Heading FPS VAS Sim Zulu time Real world Zulu time DEP ARR ETA DTG METAR Flight Dispatch
  13. Can you please link the 64bit .net interface? My application relies on the .NET client. Or will it continue to work with 64bit FSUIPC with the 32bit client? Mark
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