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I have been learning vb.net for over a year, but still do not know it fully, and am looking for a sort of starting point on how to create my first application using FSUIPC.

I'm wondering if someone can help me with the basics, even simply what I need to install and the code for how to open a connection to FSUIPC. I have tried reading the readme in the FSUIPC SDK folder, but it is made for VB6 I believe and I am currently using VB2017 so it's quite a bit different.

I use FSUIPC 5 & P3D v4.1 (I intend to develop for P3D and FSUIPC5 only, if that is possible)

So yeah, thanks a lot if you can provide some starting point for me.


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Hi Luke,

Welcome to the Sub-forum.

The best way to start is to download the full V2.4 package for my .NET FSUIPC Client DLL from here:


in that Zip you will find my DLL that you can use in your VB.NET applications. This makes it much easier to work with FSUIPC in .NET languages.

Included in the Docs folder is a UserGuide.PDF that explains everything you need to know about connecting and reading/writing data.

There is also a Sample Project in VB (and C#) that is a simple working application that reads data on a timer. It also shows the connection/disconnection logic.

That should be your first starting point to get familiar with everything.

You also need to refer to Pete's list of Offsets that is found in the Modules\FSUIPC Documentation folder in the main P3D install folder. For FSUIPC4 it's called "FSUIPC4 Offset Status.pdf". I don't know what the equivalent is for FSUIPC5 but I'm sure it'll be obvious.

I am soon (hopefully in February) releasing version 3 which has all sorts of new features, and much better and more extensive code examples. All your 2.4 knowledge will still apply however.


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