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Axis For Throttle Etc

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I am New Here and have to say this has all been a great help to getting my TQ working 

I am currently trying to create an application in vb.net to handle my throttle quadrant. My hardware is a pokeys 56E card and i am able to get all the inputs through the application. I have hit a brick wall on the final part which is to get my analog input to send the required values to Fsuipc. I can read the Values of 107 - 198 on the pot, my question is how do i get this value to move a throttle, Flaps, Speed break etc ?? Im sorry if i have not been clear with what i ask but hopefully someone can shed a light on this.

Kind Regards


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Hi Padraig,

The basic process is that you need to read the pot position (value) and then write to one of the FSUIPC offsets that controls an axis. For example the axis for throttle 1 is offset 0x088C (as described in the FSUIPC documentation).

This particular offset expects the values from –4096 (full reverse) to +16384 (full throttle) with 0 being idle.

You'll need to translate the values from your pot to cover the range required by FSUIPC. For example assuming there is no reverse and 107 is idle and 198 is full then you'd need:

value for fsuipc = (value from pot - 107) / (198-107) * 16384

If you are new to using my DLL in VB.NET there is a beginner's guide video linked on the website (in the help section). This will tell you everything you need to know to get started including where to find the documentation you'll need. Please also look at the Example Code Application as that will show you the basics of how to read and write to FSUIPC offsets.


Feel free to post back here if you need any more help with this.


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Hi Paul,

Just cannot thank you enough for this insight, i was failing on the math required to get this value. Yes i am new to using your DLL and have watched your video and your examples which have just been a huge help for getting my throttles working with the flight sim.

Thanks once again for your help this evening 

Kind Regards,


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