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reading altitude values for aloft winds


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I tried to access the altitude values for aloft winds for Global weather using fsuipc offsets. But comparison with the metar string shows these values as wrong

My metar string shows 2 aloft winds : 27020KT&A2026NG 27025KT&A6026NG

So the altitudes should read 2026 and 6026 m respectively

But upon using offsets C10C,C11C I get values 6025 m and 6939 m

I also tried offset pairs C50C-C51C and CD0C-CD1C (after setting icaoid to glob and writing signature) but i still get the same wrong values 

Could you guide me on how to do this correctly using C#-FSUIPC client?


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If you have changed to using my DLL then you don't need to bother with reading the individual offsets from NewWeather.h any more.

Use the WeatherServices of the DLL and you will get back a .NET Class containing all the weather. Please see my Example Code application. Look for the section called 'Weather Services'. If you don't have this you can get it from the downloads section on the website: http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com/#downloads


My metar string shows 2 aloft winds : 27020KT&A2026NG 27025KT&A6026NG

So the altitudes should read 2026 and 6026 m respectively

No, the altitudes in the New Weather Interface refer to the TOP of the wind layer (UPPER Altitude). The METAR refers to the lower altitude of the wind layer.

(The NewWeather interface has to present the weather the way is was in FS2004.)

So to get the base altitude of wind layer [n] you need to take the upper altitude of layer [n-1] and add the 'gap above' of layer [n-1].

For example, in the New Weather the layers could be: (0 is always the ground layer and starts at 0 metres)

0 | Upper Alt: 1000  | Gap above: 500
1 | Upper Alt: 5000  | Gap above: 0
2 | Upper Alt: 10000 | Gap above: 0

The base altitudes of each layer can be calculated:

0 | Base Alt: 0      (always 0)
1 | Base Alt: 1500   (1000 + 500)
2 | Base Alt: 5000   (5000 + 0)

Also, when you are comparing make sure you are getting the METAR and NewWeather from the same weather station. Mixing weather stations and global weather may not match up properly.

It's also a good idea to call ClearWeather() before you begin making your own weather settings.



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