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Can MenuSelected detect a built-in P3D menu selection?


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Hi Paul

Apologies if this has been asked before. I'm just wondering if the MenuSelected event handler in FSUIPCConnection.UserInputServices can detect a user selection of an in-built P3D menu item (rather than one that we have created ourselves). For example, I would like to detect if the user has selected Scenario-Reset, so I can reset my App timer. 

I am using WPF C#.

Thanks for the DLL - it is fantastic.



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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately that FSUIPC facility only works with user-added menus, not the built-in ones.

FSUIPC can tell you if the user is using the menus or a resulting dialog (see 0x3365) but not which one.

If you just want to detect the reload then try offset 0x3F02 (ushort). This is a counter that increments each time a flight is loaded or reloaded. The reset might just re-load the same flight and increment this counter.

Another idea is that your application could offset a reset-flight option that just sends the appropriate control to P3D (try SITUATION RESET 65591). But at least you know when it happened.

It might also be worth asking Pete (in the main forum) if he has any ideas.


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