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'Next / Prev View' controls don't work?

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Hi there,

I'm trying to map 'Next View' / 'Prev View' ('S' and 'Shift + S' keys in FSX) controls on my Saitek X52 Pro POV1 hat-key using FSUIPC combined buttons. But for some reason they don't work. I've checked the INI entries (see below), but I can't find anything wrong with them. These combinations for buttons 32-38 are used for views only and I've specifically checked that they aren't mapped on other buttons. Interestingly, 'Next Sub View' and 'Prev Sub View' ('A' and 'Shift + A' keys in FSX) controls work OK.

Maybe someone has better eyes than mine? Kindly appreciated!

48=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,34,C65672,0 	-{PAN_RIGHT}-
49=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,38,C65671,0 	-{PAN_LEFT}-
51=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,32,C65734,0 	-{PAN_UP}-
52=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,33,C65856,0 	-{PAN_RIGHT_UP}-
53=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,35,C65857,0 	-{PAN_RIGHT_DOWN}-
54=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,36,C65735,0 	-{PAN_DOWN}-
55=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,37,C65855,0 	-{PAN_LEFT_DOWN}-
56=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,39,C65854,0 	-{PAN_LEFT_UP}-
57=CP(+0,0)(+0,14)(-0,15)0,32,C65875,0 	-{PAN_RESET}-
58=CP(+0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,34,C66153,0 	-{NEXT_SUB_VIEW}-
59=CP(+0,0)(-0,14)(-0,15)0,38,C66154,0 	-{PREV_SUB_VIEW}-
60=CP(+0,0)(+0,14)(-0,15)0,34,C65827,0 	-{NEXT_VIEW}-
61=CP(+0,0)(+0,14)(-0,15)0,38,C65828,0 	-{PREV_VIEW}-
62=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,34,C66526,0 	-{EYEPOINT_RIGHT}-
63=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,38,C66527,0 	-{EYEPOINT_LEFT}-
64=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,32,C66528,0 	-{EYEPOINT_FORWARD}-
65=CR(-0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,36,C66529,0 	-{EYEPOINT_BACK}-
66=CR(+0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,32,C66524,0 	-{EYEPOINT_UP}-
67=CR(+0,0)(-0,14)(+0,15)0,36,C66525,0 	-{EYEPOINT_DOWN}-
68=CP(+0,0)(+0,14)(+0,15)0,32,C66530,0 	-{EYEPOINT_RESET}-


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Just gave it a go using the keyboard for a quick test.
It looks like NEXT_VIEW (65827) & PREV_VIEW (65828) may be either pre-FSX commands or for use with 2D cockpits.
The following seem to work in FSX -
16=97,8,65567,0     -{Num1: Press=VIEW_MODE }-
17=98,8,65749,0    -{Num2: Press=VIEW_MODE_REV }-

Keep in mind that in order to cycle thru views like this that the following camera.cfg entry must be "No" for each of the cameras you want to be included for the view mode changes using the commands above. 


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