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  1. spokes2112

    FlyBy view assignement

    This is for FSX, unsure w/ P3D, assuming it should be very similar. <sim closed> 1) Open up your cameras.cfg in a plain text editor. (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) A backup might be a very good idea. 2) Go through each camera entry ( [CameraDefinition.XXX] ) and note if the section has this entry - HotKeySelect="#" 3) Make a note of each of the entries. Their camera type (Title = <type>) & the HotKeySelect number. 4) Go to the "Title=FlyBy" CameraDefinition entry and add the following line to the bottom of that section ( Only if not already provided! ) - HotKeySelect=XX, where XX is the next available number from the list you made in step 3. Save the file. <start sim> 5) Assign your flyby view button in FSUIPC as - VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_XX, where XX is the new number you provided in step 4, or the number already listed in step 3. NOTE - The camera.cfg in Appdata is the "global" camera. Any aircraft designer can override the global HotKeySelect numbers in their own CameraDefintion(s) residing in the aircraft.cfg. It does happen, but rare. ­čś╝ Shame on them. P3D reference here. Works great for me.. Roman
  2. spokes2112

    Record to csv file example

    After a quick look the code above "seems" to be good - not tested. It looks like your text editor is making the error, introducing an illegal character. (line1) Make sure your text editor is in english & ANSI or UTF-8 encoding. Roman
  3. For the first part - It looks like you may have a syntax error that FSUIPC doesn't catch, you are using a "repeat" modifier in the second half of the compound code. None of my compounds have this. Perhaps having this negates the original "CR" in the first part of the compound code. 45=CR(-3,29)R3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)R3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)R3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)R3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- Maybe (?) this will work - 45=CR(-3,29)3,2,C65879,0 -{HEADING_BUG_INC}- 46=CR(-3,29)3,8,C65880,0 -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}- 47=CR(+3,29)3,2,C65663,0 -{VOR1_OBI_INC}- 48=CR(+3,29)3,8,C65662,0 -{VOR1_OBI_DEC}- For the second part - I see that you are using profiles and that particular profile is for the 310, perhaps the Milviz C310? I do not have that model from them so cannot test. I can bet apples to oranges that they are not using standard FS type coding, rather using L:Vars instead. (many designers do use L:Vars, specially for heading) My advice? Try your compound code with something stock and non-complex such as the 172 or Baron. If it works for the 172 / Baron then further investigation will need to be done, possibly using a lua file will need to be done to interface with it. Roman
  4. Milan, Excellent - Glad it worked for you! Edited my post above with the capital "B" in case anyone else wants to use it. Thanks Roman
  5. Many of the newer designers are using "sense" variables. Meaning that they sense the user did something. In background coding somewhere, that "sense" var triggers other code to do something. It then resets itself to zero once done. Acting somewhat like a "toggle" rather than a "set". This seems to be the case in the 787. From the simbuilders kit.pdf - Capt Baroset STD Select (STD Only for CAPT) | 6 | QW_MCP_L_BRST_STD_Button | 1=Pressed Using a parameter of 1 for both on & off should get it working correctly with your code. The problem is that your constant button may (and probably will) get out of synch with the 787 panel. Using a momentary push button would alleviate that. Roman
  6. The first code probably wouldn't work, even if corrected, unless it was part of some other coding - it is a "one shot". Meaning it loads once then does nothing. The following "should" work (not tested) as long as the documentation of SB3 is forward compatible with vPilot & that the QW documentation is correct too. It also includes the ident button. Use [Auto] to start. (even better with profiles) -- SETTING 1 TO OFFSET EQUALS OFF / STANDBY FOR THE XPNDR function vPilot_XPNDR (varname, value) if value < 2 then ipc.writeSB(0x7B91, 1) else ipc.writeSB(0x7B91, 0) end end function vPilot_IDENT (varname, value) if value == 1 then ipc.writeSB(0x7B93, 1) end end event.Lvar("QW_AFT_Transponder_Knob", 250, "vPilot_XPNDR") event.Lvar("QW_AFT_Transponder_Button", 250, "vPilot_IDENT")
  7. spokes2112

    Counting Ai on ground and airborne

    Ray, Yes I understand.. Wish that it could be stand a alone for the biggest airports.. It works great up to those biggest traffic areas though. EGLL was just above the limits until the traffic started flowing, it then settled down to below the limits. Going to keep going just for the learning experience, only a few meters away from the finish line. ­čśë Why stop now? Paul Henty's newest module has some great new features haven't seen before and this little project will use them. Will advise when finished, even if not interested.. It's not a big deal - the learning experience is worth it! Roman
  8. spokes2112

    Counting Ai on ground and airborne

    Hi Ray, Big problems here.. Using FSUIPC limits the count of both on ground and in air AI to 96 each. Are you sure Ai Companion runs over Wideclient? Rather I am thinking it is possibly simconnect instead in order to get over the 96 each max count. Simconnect is out of my league.. I could however use a server gauge in the test aircraft to get a full count "and" be able to center on an ICAO too.. Something that doesn't seem possible using the FSUIPC route. The program is to the point of integrating a XML gauge.. Your thoughts? Would using a server gauge, needed to be installed in the test aircraft be too much? Roman
  9. spokes2112

    Counting Ai on ground and airborne

    Ray, Guess I didn't have enough coffee yesterday.. Forgot to look at the lua library - flags & l:var read/write are not available on wideclient. A gauge server to lua works great (see image) but only on the local FS computer. I wanted to give it some user adjustability, namely the AI lookup radius & AI lookup timing. ( the latter dependant on the users sim performance - kind of important ) In order to do this and run it on wideclient it would have to be: gauge server < --- > local sim lua < --- > fsuipc user offsets (or ipc. get/set) < --- > wideclient lua Each of the 4 parts need to "talk" to its neighbor in the logic chain. Kind of a mess to say the least.. So it looks like an exe will be the route.. Not the best as a self taught hobbyist doing exe programming so it will take a while. Another project for tomorrow's coffee ­čśë
  10. spokes2112

    ipc Lvars read slowly

    Simone, It has been a while.. Quite busy. There is a completely redone "string style" FGCP lua in this package. If there is no power the strings become blank. As long as mobiflight accepts everything possible in the MAX7219 chipset then this should work fine. It also includes some of the new l:vars you requested plus some new "helpful" offsets for integration. Also includes options so it can be configured for your current hardware and possibly new hardware. Unfortunately the offset addresses for the displays have changed... again ­čś× Must tell you - If this Maddog_X lua is to be expanded any further it should be re-written and all offsets changed. The use of a 32 bit dword for a single boolean is just absurd, should be able to stick 8 l:vars into just 1 byte with the use of mobi flight masking, just my thoughts. Roman
  11. spokes2112

    Counting Ai on ground and airborne

    The gauge can/would output lvars for you. From there you could do a lua to display of the values - but - Setting the lookup radius would have to be done via the gauge - or - a default value in the lua. Thinking more, just may run with it as a "fun" type project to do.. An extra "wake me up" for the morning. Will start tomorrow morn - to darn nice outside, finally!! ­čśë Roman EDIT - An exe just may/could be made. ( or at least experimented with ) Just checked FSUIPCClientDLL code examples and it "looks" like everything is there. Will go the gauge route 1st to get the code flow then maybe go the exe route.. (it would take a while for the exe)
  12. spokes2112

    Counting Ai on ground and airborne

    Ray, This may be a perfect project for a gauge rather than a ipc/simconnect lookup. Using a gauge allows an easy user interface such as distance from current location, etc.. Downside of course is that the gauge needs to be installed in each of your testing aircraft. Since it is just for performance testing, not really a bad downside. All the variables needed are there.. (Referencing FSX, but checked the P3D SDK, all good) P3D References - http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/references/variables/custom_variables.html FSX References - FSX SDK (not ESP SDK) FSX\SimObjects\Misc\ControlTower\panel FSX\Gauges\Radar.cab ______________________________________________________________________________ C CLASS | CLASS NAME | UNITS | SETTABLE | DESCRIPTION ITrafficInfo | Radius | meters | Yes | The radius from the user aircraft (or tower) to use to collect data on nearby aircraft or vehicles. ITrafficInfo | Latitude | radians | Yes | The latitude of the point the search is to be made from. ITrafficInfo | Longitude | radians | Yes | The longitude of the point the search is to be made from. ITrafficInfo | Filter | enum | Yes | One or more of the following values combined: TRAFFIC_FILTER_AIRCRAFT = 1, TRAFFIC_FILTER_GROUND_VEHICLES = 2, TRAFFIC_FILTER_TOWER_CONTROLLERS = 4, TRAFFIC_FILTER_ON_GROUND = 8, TRAFFIC_FILTER_IN_AIR = 16, TRAFFIC_FILTER_SLEEPING = 32, TRAFFIC_FILTER_AWAKE = 64 ITrafficInfo | ListSize | number | No | The length of the list of vehicles returned after a search. The index numbers of the returned list will be from 0 to ListSize - 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested I may be able to help in creating one - a perfect morning coffee project. ­čśë ÔśĽ Roman
  13. Even if another brand it should be highly unlikely to use some special commands to do this since they are all on/off and must integrate into flight sim as the sim provides the sound. "Some" of the commands, most likely the ones you would need. from --> \Modules\FSUIPC Documents\The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf ( or similar) RADIO VOR1 IDENT TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 65842 RADIO VOR2 IDENT TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 65843 MARKER SOUND TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 66477 RADIO DME1 IDENT TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 65844 (OPT) RADIO DME2 IDENT TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 65845 RADIO ADF IDENT TOGGLE FSUIPC Control # = 65846 EDIT - These may be better in your case using on/off toggle switches although it doubles the commands. ie - switch on = a separate button press, as does switch off. Will keep things in sync. RADIO VOR1 IDENT SET ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65847, Switch ON: Parameter = 1, Switch OFF: Parameter = 0 RADIO VOR2 IDENT SET ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65848, Switch ON: Parameter = 1, Switch OFF: Parameter = 0 RADIO DME1 IDENT SET ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65849, Switch ON: Parameter = 1, Switch OFF: Parameter = 0 RADIO DME2 IDENT SET ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65850, Switch ON: Parameter = 1, Switch OFF: Parameter = 0 Switch ON: RADIO ADF IDENT DISABLE ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65836, Switch OFF: RADIO ADF IDENT ENABLE ´╗┐FSUIPC C´╗┐ontrol # ´╗┐= 65841 Unfortunately the marker sound does not have a "set, enable or disable" so the control above (66477), or a lua to incorporate on/off discreetly, can be used. Hope helps, Roman
  14. spokes2112

    ipc Lvars read slowly

    Simone, I looked through the topics over at mobiflight and did some studying.. May have found something that will work but you would have to make some compromises. Much, much easier than going to a 14 or 16 segment display. By going back to strings in the lua I would be able to take care of the following: 1) VS - negative sign with preceeding zeros 2) the power problem! NO MORE PRECONDITIONS :), the 7 segment using MAX7219 allows blanks. 3) no more paddings or preceeding zeros 4) ALT - an alternative to the "==" instead use "--", the MD doesn't have negative altitude so no big deal 5) VS - instead of "S, M, P or V" it would be "5, 5, P, H" ( note.. a 5 in a 7 segment is the same as "S" ) the H would represent "height". Below is a chart of the legal characters in a 7 segment display using the MAX7219 chip. Before I start - would you like to go in this direction?
  15. spokes2112

    ipc Lvars read slowly

    Does the "output value" column (main page in mobiflight) for FGSP_Pwr show correctly? 1 when powered 0 when cold and dark If it does then it is all mobiflight then, cant help much more - dont have it. Just went through another complete test, toggling the left AC bus on each step, the lua seems to work fine. Cold & Dark --> Batt On --> Ground Connect --> APU start --> Ground Disconnect --> Engine(s) Start --> Generators --> AC/DC bus ties --> Engine Stop --> APU --> Ground Connect --> APU Stop --> Ground Disconnect --> Batt Off --> Cold & Dark

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