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  1. spokes2112

    Lua - ipc.setowndisplay, a bug?

    Pete - Thank you as always! The revised shift #s has saved me from a big headache.. Did some more testing regarding the constant entries of the "lua type" window opening within a saved flight file. Somewhere in FS it temporarily saves each time the "lua type" window gets opened from the simconnect call. When the flight is saved it logs each one of these "opens" to the flight file. Guess that is what MS wanted - Oh Well, again, no big deal. But it just doesn't seem correct. Thanks again, Roman
  2. spokes2112

    Crashing with AI traffic

    To further give some insight.. When it does stop working, go to the FSUIPC dialog, "Key Presses" tab then click the "Reload All Keys" button. Does it come back? If so, most likely something for Pete. ( it happens very rarely to me in FSX, I don't mind, the reload fixes it ) If not, then a possibility is that something (other program or service) is hammering simconnect, rejecting your FSUIPC command.
  3. Hi Pete, Hope your travels & visits were nice. Something just noticed & not really a big deal except for the repetitive nature (the repeats could get quite large) in a saved flight file. The logging of the lua type window keeps going and going.. Maybe a simconnect bug? I've tried setting ipc.setowndisplay just once on the lua load, and, for a different test, each time the display function gets called - makes no difference. Shouldn't it just update the required entries under the window header? ( [window name] ) Replace, not append? FSX Acceleration, FSUIPCv4.974b (maybe applies to FSUIPC v5 too?) EDIT - second question. Just may find out before you return but if not, need clarification. In the Lua Library pdf when using ipc.keypress it says to use the keys chart in the advanced users pdf while when using ext.sendkeys it refers to the key chart in the Lua Library pdf. Are these 2 different on purpose? The only glaring difference is the use of shift code 8, "normal" versus "tab". Regards, Roman Records from a saved flight below -
  4. spokes2112

    FSUIPC To Excel?

    It's all in the Offsets Status.pdf. (pages 20 & 62) 0x66C0 has 64 bytes available for whatever you would like. 0x0D70 (L:var name) is for reading / writing to L:Vars but uses the 0x66C0 range as a temp register of the L:Var value.
  5. PM me, if wanted, with a list of the aircraft controls you need scripted.. Will give it a shot.
  6. spokes2112

    Compound Axis?

    Howdy, I added one line of code to get you close.. Line #43 - ipc.setowndisplay("Throttle Commanded", 48, 2, 4, 0) Left edge located at 48% of total sim width (2784px from 0) , Top edge is 2% down (in case you have UI menu showing - 22px from 0), a window width of 4% (232px).. The last value, % of sim height, I have found in testing that it will automatically grow in height to accomodate text if set to zero. The above values should set the info window dead center in your sim. Adjust values if necessary (Note - Unsure, but believe only integers are allowed) then change to different aircraft, then back to original aircraft to test. For more info on this command, see Modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf, page 8 or so. Just redownload the package again to get the new lua. Hope it works for you. Roman
  7. spokes2112

    Compound Axis?

    No.. Not really. In the original request the user had 3 axis' available for throttle, mixture & props. In that download (V1 &V1.1) the throttle lua controlled the mixture and prop lua's too. That part of the code needed to be removed and the instructions updated. A new kit just for throttles (2 engine only) is here.
  8. Yes.. Make 3 modes with one (cycle modes), or multiple buttons / keys (hot select mode) - Both Engines, Left Engine & Right Engine.. I have similar on my single axis stick.
  9. spokes2112

    Key assignment

    "AP VS VAR DEC" and "AP VS VAR INC" The list is in --> simulator\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf (or similar)
  10. Sorry Pete, just tested the old fashioned way with the Carenado A-36, via keyboard.. Works perfectly via FSUIPC commands. Suppose too much coffee & over thinking it based on previous posts.. Have a great evening. Roman
  11. If FSUIPC 5 contains the same run functions as FSUIPC 4 then take a look at the \modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC# for Advanced Users.pdf look for the "Programs: facilities to load and run additional programs" section. If it all carried over from FSUIPC 4 then something like the following "may" work - (as an example) RunIf1=READY,DELAY,C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe The above will give a 10 second delay "after" the sim is up and running. Again this is under the assumption that the facilities are still available in FSUIPC 5 No hurting in giving it a try.. Pete will be back soon and can give further advise.
  12. spokes2112

    Offset values?

    Look in fltsim root\modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC4 Offsets Status.pdf for the standard flight sim offsets. If using the PMDG for your sim you may have to look at the SDK for offsets that are custom.. See ->
  13. spokes2112


    I believe this is the way to do it, new at profiles myself. Can't believe it took this long.. [General] ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring <-- Sets FSUIPC to find only part of the Title=" " (aircraft.cfg) name for profiles Go through your aircraft.cfgs to find a common keyword for each aircraft type and append to the list below. [Profile.TwinTProp] <-- General name of the profile 1=Twin Otter <-- List of "keywords" to match in the aircraft.cfg title in order to load the profile 2=DHC-6 3=King Air 4=B350 5=B90 6=C90 7=An-28 8=Do 228
  14. spokes2112

    FSUIPC Lua Plugin AS Airbus

    Hi Joan, Just retried the lua code above to see if there was a copy/paste problem. No - works fine. Said before I am still on FSX with FSUIPC v4.974b, anyway there is a setting in this version to change the affinity mask for lua scripts - LuaAffinityMask=0 It was stated in the history document for 4.974 but nowhere else, maybe consult your documents and see if it it is available for v5.xxx. If available maybe give it a try. Good luck with you Roman
  15. spokes2112

    FSUIPC Lua Plugin AS Airbus

    Joan, You are welcome. I just hope I can help. BTW - I am testing in FSX with the stock MS B737 and the original code above just did not work. It has now been updated with new code. Some really weird things going on. Give that one a try instead. If the AS Airbus uses SDK compliant variables it should work. If they're using some highly custom coding then it may not.. Roman _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pete, Some really weird things going on here.. vers - 4.974b, tested on MS B738 0x0BBA - SW, Rudder control input: –16383 to +16383 0x0C0A - SW, Rudder input value, -16384 to +16383, if calibrated 0x332C - SW, Rudder Axis input value, post calibration, just before being applied to the simulation (if allowed to by the byte at offset 310A). 64103 - fsuipc rudder 65764 - rudder axis set 65696 - rudder set The joystick axis for rudder was removed in the axis assignment & joystick calibration pages to test - keep from interference. 1) The FSUIPC "internal" command 64103 doesn't seem to work at all regardless of any of the 3 read offsets listed above. (Big questions here!) Used at the end of function "moveRudder" -- ipc.control(64103, rudderPos) replacing the offset write as shown above, all other code was the same but trying all 3 read offsets. 2) The command 65764 is weird, for the 0x332C & 0x0BBA reads it seems the read gets reset to zero after the command, therefore travel is limited to -2048 to 2048. The read at 0x0C0A just gave completely unreliable results altogether. 3) With the command 65696, the reads at 0x0C0A & 0x332C seems the read gets reset to zero after the command, therefore travel is limited to -2048 to 2048, same as above with different reads while 0x0BBA gave completely unreliable results altogether. In the end just read & writes to 0x0BBA were used reliably... (so confused!) Roman

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