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  1. Here's some notes from my MaddogX lua, also reported by Pete. Should be no problem if you are not using these programs - --[[ NO USES IN FSUIPC GENERAL USE (0x66C0 - 66FF) NO USES IN FSUIPC RESERVED 0x6700-0x67FF (JEAN-MICHAEL BISTON "MICHAEL" FOR AIRBUS GAUGES) INSIDE OF FSUIPC RESERVED 0x6800-0x6BFF (ROBERT FISCHER, FS-COMMUNICATOR) BYTES GO FORWARD FROM START, OTHERS COME BACKWARDS FROM THE END ]] Roman
  2. Reinhard, I save the flight with the panels undocked, of course all of them show up on the main window on flt load.. One key press --> ( ext.position) and voila.. Right where they need to be and the correct size. Nice idea.. Roman
  3. Ok, maybe I misunderstood your intentions then.. My fault. Missed the very first part where you wanted to "manually" enter the card direction. ( bangs head! ūüėí ) This one just sets it to your current mag heading.. Egg on face. Roman PS - nice to see old adf navigation alive and well :)
  4. Dane, You could run with this single line lua.. Tested ok. Copy the code below and save it as ADF_CARD_SYNC.lua Assign a key or button to "Lua ADF_CARD_SYNC" Done. Roman ipc.control(66039, ipc.readDBL(0x2B00))
  5. Don't have GSX either but have read that, and also experienced in other modules, that the L:Var isn't created in the gauge system until ready to use for the first time. Wish I knew how they did that. )) In any case the lua may fail if dealing with strings, or keep running and return zero. You could try something like this: GSXNumPassengers = ipc.readLvar("FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING") if GSXNumPassengers = 0 or GSXNumPassengers = nil then ipc.display("Passenger loading hasn't started") else ipc.display(tostring(GSXNumPassengers) .. " passengers are boarding on this flight.") end Roman
  6. This could be a perfect project in lua. It seems everything that is needed is provided in the FSUIPC offsets & in the lua library. Just will take some time, may look into it but not until the weekend is over. Ideas - - FSX only - The built in FSUIPC autosave must be turned off to use this - The lua will be listed in the FSUIPC.ini [auto] section. It will start / restart on sim load or aircraft change. - The ability turn off / on the autosave via keyboard or button (forced off = no automation at all, must be turned back on via keyboard or button). A status window will automatically show as described below. - The ability to bring up the current state and settings in the lua with the keyboard or button - In the lua file there will be 2 easily adjustable values: Time in minutes between saves, the number of saved flights - 3 states: Forced off, Automatic off & Armed - If retractable gear and gear is down = autosave is temp disabled (automatic return to active unless forced off) - If fixed gear and speed is less than 1.35 (or 1.4) * Design speed VS0 (stall speed full flaps), normally 1.3 * VS0 for VRef = autosave is temp disabled (automatic return to active unless forced off) Looking into it just a bit more, file handling might be a little bit of a chore.. Still doable. Roman
  7. In the FSUIPC offsets the heading is probably, don't really know, "normalized" already. Once you bring in the MagVar into the equation* it could become non-normalized. *self.headingCorrected = self.instr['Heading'] - (self.instr['MagneticVariation'] * 65536) Another option is just to get the magnetic heading and not deal with MagVar for self.headingCorrected - self.headingCorrected = 0x2B00 (Gyro compass heading (magnetic), including any drift. 64-bit floating point.) Roman
  8. In pseudo code, similar to the built in flight sim XML DNOR function. (degrees normalize) Don't know python (( If self.headingCorrected > 360 then self.headingCorrected = self.headingCorrected - 360 End If self.headingCorrected < 0 then self.headingCorrected = self.headingCorrected + 360 End Roman
  9. My writing is terrible.. ūüĎé On click, for true heading - 0x0580 --> [ value & variable type conversion ] --> 0x07CC On click for magnetic heading - 0x2B00 --> [ value & variable type conversion ] --> 0x07CC It think that is what Ing. Nieto is getting at, setting the heading bug to the current heading. Roman
  10. On the press of the button send either, depending on what you want: 1) 0x0580 4 dWORD Heading, *360/(65536*65536) for degrees TRUE. -OR- 2) 0x2B00 8 FLOAT64 Gyro compass heading (MAGNETIC), including any drift. 64-bit floating point. send to, after math & variable type conversions - 0x07CC 2, WORD - Autopilot heading value, as degrees*65536/360) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Al presionar el bot√≥n enviar, dependiendo de lo que desee: 1) 0x0580 4 dWORD Heading, * 360 / (65536 * 65536) para grados VERDADERO. -O- 2) 0x2B00 8 FLOAT64 Rumbo del comp√°s girosc√≥pico (MAGN√ČTICO), incluida cualquier deriva. Punto flotante de 64 bits. enviar a, despu√©s de las conversiones de matem√°tica y tipo variable - 0x07CC 2, WORD - Valor de rumbo del piloto autom√°tico, como grados * 65536/360)
  11. Make bit 5 to 1 (SET) --> ipc.setbitsUB(0x5400, 32) Make bit 5 to 0 (CLEAR) --> ipc.clearbitsUB(0x5400, 32) Setting or clearing multiple bits, add them up.. Make bits 1,5 & 7 to 1 (SET) --> ipc.setbitsUB(0x5400, 162) < 2 + 32 + 128 > Make bits 1,5 & 7 to 0 (CLEAR) --> ipc.clearbitsUB(0x5400, 162) Roman
  12. Just a hunch, Shouldn't this be - handle, error= ext.run("C:\\SIOC.exe", EXT_CLOSE) The second optional parameter is a string for command line options, after that one could have up to 4 more options, but they do not seem to be strings. You really shouldn't use EXT_KILL unless EXT_CLOSE doesn't work.. SIOC might not like a forced close, IE time to write saved settings and the like. Roman
  13. For kicks just tested. It seems to work fine. I used - ipc.setbitsUB(0x5302, 1) ipc.setbitsUB(0x5302, 2) And the monitored, expected output was correct.. 3 The mask is the integer equivalent of the bit, not the zero based location of the bit.
  14. Just recently I needed to do the same thing, write to an L:Var that doesn't exist for AirManager . Created a small gauge and installed it into the VC. It just creates an L:Var by writing to once on load. Roman <Gauge Name="Maddog FGCP VS Mode Server" version="1.0"> <Update> <!-- DO THIS JUST ONCE ON INITIAL GAUGE LOAD --> (G:Var1) 0 == if{ 100 (>L:VS_Mode, number) 0 (>L:VS_Mode, number) 1 (>G:Var1) } </Update> </Gauge>
  15. This is in FSX, the commands are: ENG1 OFF - Mixture1 Set, parameter = 0 ENG2 OFF - Mixture2 Set, parameter = 0 ENG1 ON - Mixture1 Set, parameter = 8192 ENG2 ON - Mixture2 Set, parameter = 8192 Since you are using regular mixture axis' for this I would highly recommend using profiles and then on the axis assignment tab use the right side "set ranges for action". One to turn off fuel when your physical mixture lever reaches near the top of travel & one to turn on the fuel when your mixture lever reaches the lower part of travel. There are no midpoints on the AS Twin Otter for MixtureX Set, it is either on (8192) or off (0) BTW - This information was found using the logging tab in FSUIPC.. A very powerful tool! Roman
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