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suddenly my TCAS on PIC767 shows funny behaviour.

After starting FS, AIBridge and Squawkbox the TCAS shows only

my own plane (in red of course). Other planes are not viewable

Lee (Author of TCAS) had unfortenately no idea, anybody able to help ?

Thanks a lot


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I still have a similar problem with AIBridge 2.3, Jose. Running FS2004, connected to FSHost (latest version), and connecting AIBridge to the same FSHost, I can see other player(s) perfectly but I am also being displayed on my TCAS as traffic in red at my location. I have entered my Player Name into AIBridge before connecting and I have tried this several times with other player(s) also seeing themselves as I do. This is not a big deal but is somewhat distracting and not an accurate display of traffic. In one traffic display, for example, I have a perpetual Traffic Advisory because of my proximity to myself. :-) It appears that AIBridge does not yet recognize the Player Name from FS2004, maybe? Anyway, I thought I would mention this observation in case you can do something, or have done something already to alleviate it.



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