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  1. Some explanation. The anti irus could rely in signatures (see if inside the exe there is a match for the vírus pattern) or can also rely in heuristics. Heuristics is simply a nice word for common sense. The signature approach has some disadvantages, it only catch the virus after you update the database with that particular virus. The heuristic approach tries to overpass this problem by trying to guess if the file contains a virus, couldn’t find any information of how this is done. NOD32 is usually considered one of the best anti virus (maybe only surpassed by Kaspersky) however it can also raises the false alarms. In this case what you have to do is: - Temporarily disable IMON and AMON; - D/L FSUIPC - Unzip it (if you have problem right click, properties and unblock); - Install FSUIPC Enable AMON and IMON. You will notice that AMON will not detect FSUIPC.dll has a virus after install. José Oliveira
  2. In the C:\documents and settings\Bill\application data\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml add this Traffic Toolbox False False MyTraffic\traffictoolbox.dll Just before the line that says
  3. Hi The described method for dll.xml willl result in uninstalling all addons that use it and to diable the FSX SDK modules. Regards José Oliveira
  4. The problem is the NOD32 heuristics. It's a false alarm. Disable AMON and IMON during FSUIPC D/L and install. If you still have problems, right click in the zip and click in unblock. Hope this helps José
  5. Hi Pete, Is always nice to came to your "place" Just checked my site were I keep everything organized and I believe that the D/L was done in some place were the version isn't right. This is the correct version http://splashclub.org/jcboliveira/programs/iwillbeback.zip Regards José
  6. There are some programs that I never requested a freeware key. José
  7. I believe that you can find somewhere in the forum a post by for the same subject. After some tries reverted to the normal cfg weights writting and remote aircraft reload . José
  8. Here it is a start: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/progratures/gui/ And good luck with it, personally I gave up :) José
  9. You could on the next IVAP revision include offset 0x7b80 I'm using it to test if SB3 is present and activate the transponder operation. José Oliveira
  10. I have FS9.1 latest FSUIPC and no problem with that plane. You could check what addons you have in the modules directory. The easy way is to sorte all the files by date. You will see a lot of them with the same date, those are FS9 modules. The others are the addons modules. Move the others from the directory and trie. Don't know why but I think it could be a registry problem. Open regedit and search for C400Loadout, bellow this key there is a key called version 3.0, see if the dwords for PortEngineDamaged and StarbdEngineDamaged are 0. José Oliveira
  11. It's easy. AIBridge has the source available on request, it seems to work with Project Magenta tell IVAP developers to see the AIBridge source. As you can understande since I'm not a IVAP user or project magenta I can't help you. José Oliveira
  12. GPL means General Public License the most famous is the GNU GPL. For a list of licenses: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-listroduction Regards José
  13. Dave Are you using the no cd exe? Maybe that is the problem. José
  14. For some users there is a sudden yoke and/or pedals disconnect if they are using windows XP drivers. It's not related to USB power (but just in case check if the option is unchecked and if the consuption is bellow the maximum). Usually the CH control manager install solves the problems. See if that can helps. José
  15. "I am running a virtual airline, but I want to cut down my fleet to the 737NG. I´d like to know if there is a possibility to read out the ACARS information and send it directly to my cgi based database for the pilots rooster. No filling of pilot reports anymore (this is obsolete these days I think)." As far I know there isn't any SDK available from PMDG that will allow you that. Of course you can make (or use) a program that produces the acars messages. José Oliveira
  16. You can find all my software at: http://jcboliveira.flysplash.org Inclunding the FS2002 (2.4) and FS2004 (3.0) AIBridge version. It seems that is not known enougth. Did a google at josé Oliveira aibridge and found some entries. José Oliveira
  17. By light sources I meant effects emitters specified in the aircraft.cfg. These emitters are then connected to those 10 switches. Like 2 emitters for logo, 2 emitters for landing, etc Regards José
  18. That is not a FS problem more a plane problem. In fact the tail Logolight, Landing light, Wing light etc are separated (I believe there are 19 possible light sources specified by MS SDK). In some planes you have the overhead switches working as they should. But the some producers (don't ask me why) choose to use the logo light in the texture and not using effects. Same goes for wing light etc. It's possible to change the planes to reflect the proper lights but it takes a lot of work. If you look at AVSIM you can find packages made for the 737 default. José
  19. "It could be.." but it doesn't work 8) After some more tweaking around found out that updating large number of stations could crash FS when you go to the menu. Regards José
  20. Hi I know that is inefficient and I could pass the FSUIPC class address to the DLL as I did in the loader plug-in that I was trying to do, avoiding the double open, the only thing is that I don't have control over the dll code. Let's see if someone starts to do plug-ins. Tested the positions and didn’t detect any change. It could be a good method to change the plane weight, since it avoids the aircraft reloads that the loaders need. As far I saw it preserves the distances specidfed in the aircraft.cfg wich is good also. Thanks again José
  21. I have a program called FSAcars. This program uses FSUIPC. In this version it accepts plugins (dll that the program calls). This dll can also use FSUIPC. 1- Since the dll aren't made by me and not my responsability if they use FSUIPC then they should manage FSUIPC calls if they want to use it. 2 - The FSUIPC open function uses a file with the name given by the process name (to ensure that is unique) plus the retry name. The problem is that the dll and the program bellong to the same process so the name is the same. To ensure that there isn't any problem this name must be changed. The original file name in the DLL = program file name: wsprintf(szName, FS6IPC_MSGNAME1 ":%X:%X", GetCurrentProcessId(), nTry); The new name in the DLL wsprintf(szName, FS6IPC_MSGNAME1 ":%X:%X:DLL", GetCurrentProcessId(), nTry); A different problem: offset 1400 payload changes. Noticed that it only changes the aircraft weight reported by FSUIPC if you go in to "Change Payload menu" and press ok . Without pressing the ok the plane weight reported by FSUIPC stays the same as before the offset 1400 write. Thanks José
  22. Found Just had to change the line wsprintf(szName, FS6IPC_MSGNAME1 ":%X:%X:DLL", GetCurrentProcessId(), nTry); in the dll. Pretty obvious solution. Thanks José
  23. Hi Pete I have a oprogram that uses FSUIPC that calls a dll (dynamic loaded) that also uses FSUIPC. If I not open FSUIPC connection in the dll I get error 9 however if I try to open I have error 5. What am I missing? Thanks a lot José
  24. Hi Pete Hope you are ok. It depends in the way you move the my documents. Some solutions don't update all the registry settings. José
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