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Cessna 172 radio panel Buttion Assigment

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I've just finished building a hardware Cessna 172 simulator.  Since I don't have the proper C172 radios but another brand, I wanted to replicate the action for button selection across the top (see picture) with a simple switch.  For example, Switch on = NAV-1 ON and Switch off = NAV-1 OFF … and so on.

I'm running P3Dv4.5 and trying to assign a function is proving difficult as there are no specific commands listed that would turn the sound for NAV 1 on and off.  (I am teaching someone the basics of flight and navigation and being able to listen to the Morse from a particular VOR, for example, will positively identify that VOR from any other.)

Am I missing the commands here?  Are they available but just listed as something else?  Or. would it be better to make a macro, for instance?

Any thoughts?

Best wishes

Father Dane

Radio Panel.jpg

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Even if another brand it should be highly unlikely to use some special commands to do this since they are all on/off and must integrate into flight sim as the sim provides the sound.

"Some" of the commands, most likely the ones you would need.
from --> \Modules\FSUIPC Documents\The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf ( or similar)

RADIO VOR1 IDENT TOGGLE     FSUIPC Control # = 65842
RADIO VOR2 IDENT TOGGLE     FSUIPC Control # = 65843
MARKER SOUND TOGGLE     FSUIPC Control # = 66477
RADIO DME1 IDENT TOGGLE     FSUIPC Control # = 65844
(OPT) RADIO DME2 IDENT TOGGLE     FSUIPC Control # = 65845

EDIT - These may be better in your case using on/off toggle switches although it doubles the commands.
ie - switch on = a separate button press, as does switch off. Will keep things in sync.

RADIO VOR1 IDENT SET     FSUIPC Control # = 65847,  Switch ON: Parameter = 1,  Switch OFF: Parameter = 0
RADIO VOR2 IDENT SET      FSUIPC Control # = 65848,  Switch ON: Parameter = 1,  Switch OFF: Parameter = 0
RADIO DME1 IDENT SET      FSUIPC Control # = 65849,  Switch ON: Parameter = 1,  Switch OFF: Parameter = 0
RADIO DME2 IDENT SET      FSUIPC Control # = 65850,  Switch ON: Parameter = 1,  Switch OFF: Parameter = 0
Switch ON: RADIO ADF IDENT DISABLE      FSUIPC Control # = 65836, Switch OFF: RADIO ADF IDENT ENABLE      FSUIPC Control # = 65841

Unfortunately the marker sound does not have a "set, enable or disable" so the control above (66477), or a lua to incorporate on/off discreetly, can be used. 

Hope helps,

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Thank you for the detailed response - I will try it out today to see how it works for my simulator.  Once you pointed out where I should look, I could see where I had been making my mistakes.

Thank you

Father Dane


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