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I am tryng to find out what additional programs I need to install to use my son's computer and his MSFS98 on the VATSIM network. I have FS2000 on my laptop and would like to be able to fly on the VATSIM network as well.

Could you reply with as basic of instructions as possible.

Thank you

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This isn't really relevant to this forum, but as you've asked here I'm sure the answer might be found useful for others. The only link between Pete Dowson's FS modules and VATSIM is that Squawkbox uses FSUIPC to interface with FS.

You need the following programs:

1. FSUIPC (Pete Dowson's module). This will be installed by Squawkbox but it's a good idea to make sure you have the latest version, which you can download from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html. Put the DLL in the 'modules' folder of FS. Most of FSUIPC's development affects newer versions of FS; FS98 is very old now, and you probably won't notice much difference using any version of FSUIPC, or its predecessor, FS6IPC.

2. Squawkbox. Squawkbox is the program that actually connects you to VATSIM, sends and receives data from the network, and also controls your multiplayer environment so you can see other aircraft. http://ftp.avsim.com/library/sendfile.php?DownloadID=13142 (you may have to copy this URL manually into your address bar)

3. Roger Wilco, for voice communication (optional, but very highly recommended as essential!). You're probably best off with the older version Mk1c for lots of reasons, which you can get from http://www.vatsim-uk.org in the downloads section.

4. SBRelay (for FS2004 only). http://www.chocolatesoftware.com.

There's a good tutorial on how to set up Squawkbox at http://www.fspilotguy.tk. This is written for FS2004, so here are the differences you need to know:

a) You don't need HostSB.dll or SBHost.exe. YYou therefore don't need to edit the CFG file either. You just run Squawkbox.exe directly, and it will display within your FS window. This applies to FS2000 and FS98.

b) You don't need to use SBRelay at all. Instead of using FS to join a session, you need to 'host' one within Flight Sim. The procedure for connecting Squawkbox to the multiplayer session is essentially the same.

c) FS98 and FS2000 will run OK with earlier versions of DirectX, so don't worry about this.

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