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I have been working on a display message with in FSUPIC to display the landing rate. I have got the message to show, the issue I am getting is the message showing then closing and then it will never show again.

public Offset<string> messageWrite = new Offset<string>(0x3380, 128);
public Offset<short> messageDuration = new Offset<short>(0x32FA);

string Message = "my message test";
this.messageWrite.Value = Message;
this.messageDuration.Value = 2;

^ Here is my code.

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Hi George,

Apologies for the delay in replying.

The reason it won't show after the first time is that the values of the offsets have not changed since the first time Process() was called. The DLL will not write normal offsets unless their values change.

To solution is to mark the offsets as 'Write-Only'. These type of offsets will be written every time Process() is called, even if the offsets values have not been changed. The messaging offsets are a good example of write-only offsets. You would never have to read value from them.

Because they are written on every process, you should also put them in their own group so that you can control exactly when they are written. (You process that group only).

Here are the offset declarations, placing them in their own group called 'message' and marking them as write-only: (Last parameter is set to true).

        private Offset<string> messageWrite = new Offset<string>("message", 0x3380, 128, true); 
        private Offset<short> messageDuration = new Offset<short>("message", 0x32FA, true); 

Here is the code for writing. It's the same except we are now processing the specific group.

            string Message = "my message test";
            this.messageWrite.Value = Message;
            this.messageDuration.Value = 2;



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