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190 v3 textures klm and jetbleu are black


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just own the new e170/190 v3 placed in e170 texture aliitalia shows great and in the cfg also.

did the same in the 190 . The texture house looks good but the klm and jetblue are nearly black the vc is also black.

threis no texture folder in the 190 as it is the 170


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I have both textures visible . I copy the house tex  and copy the klm tex in it , overwrite the house tex.

did not change the cfg in the  house tex. rename house to klm. and at klm cgf in the cfg file.

the same with the jetblue tex .

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just delete the last 2 lines in the texture cfg file of the livery  ( fallbak4 and 5)

copy these 2 lines and paste them in the cfg file in the texture folder of the livery  and will work fine

fallback.4=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture
fallback.5=..\..\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture\lighting

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