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Carenado Hawker 850XP Momentary switches L:Var Macro

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Hello all,

I'm about to finish my home cockpit, but I'm still missing some of the codes to make the momentary switches work. I understand some of the switches Carenado is using have their own code. Has anyone here had success using  L:Var Macro for the momentary buttons/switches like the test button for Engine Fire or INV1/2 START both in the overhead panel? By momentary switches I mean those that when pushed, return to the initial position. I have tried with Inc, Dec, Set, Toggle, etc, but it didn't work. Is it possible to make them work with L:Var Macro only?Another example is for the APU start, where I can move to position OFF and ON but can't move to the start position because it is only momentary.  Is it possible make the momentary switches work with L:Var Macro only?

Will post some of the L:Var Macros,

-Engine Fire Test:




-APU Start



Thank you all in advance,


Gustavo D R.

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Most, if not all the switches/buttons you are referring to have logic built in to the VC click spots, mainly timers. Much like interfacing the AP, there is no real way to do this via L:Var macros & lua is out of the question too.
Just returned home after some time away and continuing on your AP interface ( some FMC too 😉 ). If you take some screenshots highlighted with all the buttons & switches you need , I can add those too. (send via our PM thread)


P.S. Here's an example of the APU code needed just to make it work -

(M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmi 0 == (M:Event) 'WheelUp' scmp 0 == or if{  
		1 (>L:ClickSoundCar,number) 
		(P:local time,seconds) 05 + (>L:ASD_SWITCH_APU_MASTERSTART_TIMER) 
(M:Event) 'RightSingle' scmi 0 == (M:Event) 'WheelDown' scmp 0 == or if{
		1 (>L:ClickSoundCar,number) 
		1 (>L:APU_START,number)	1 (>L:APU_GENERATOR_SWITCH,number) 0 (>L:APU_STOP,number) 
		0 (>L:APU_START,number)	0 (>L:APU_GENERATOR_SWITCH,number) 1 (>L:APU_STOP,number) 


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