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ATlasHold data utility for FSX and MSFS


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Years ago I wrote the program
This program extracts the fields from MakeRunway:
Icao, Nation, Town, Apt-Name, Rwy-ID, Rwy-Length.
Rwy Length is converted to:
feet, meter, nm

The program includes the original MakeRunway dBase file with 100MB and the extracted file with 4MB.
It is possible to load both files. Using the original file the conversion is immediate.
This means that a new MakeRunway.txt file can also be converted.

I remember that I immediately noticed the extra "0" and my code recognizes it and does not consider it.

In order not to confuse, regardless of the use of other programs, my software that uses the dBase of RwyLength only uses the Rwy-Coordinates of a different dBase which includes Apt's coordinates and Runway coordinates.

In Sept 2021 i added a Editor to create and edit Apt's and Runways.

In fact some users extract data from "Rwy-Length" and coordinates from a different dBase.

The AddAirports program is including the Apt's and Rwy-Data. This program is connected to the Simulator and the Rwy-coordinates are precise because you are placing the aircraft at the Lat / Lon position.
The Apt Lat / Lon and the Rwy Lat / Lon are different.

Add Airports is including a Editor for deleting, creating and changing each Record and Field. A distance test is present.

ATIasHold is only working with internal real world Mathematic-Formulas based on Coordinates.
Credits to the work of Ed Williams and his Aviation Page:     Here

These programs are included in the "ATIasHold" (Freeware) program
If interested, it is possible to download individual applications on request by email only.
Pls. refer to my Web-Page and indicate the program to download.

The Radar image Takeoff and Landing graphic is only opening  on Ground or Touch Down indicating the exact Aircraft Runway position.











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