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New FSUIPCWebSocketClientDLL

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I've just released a helper DLL on NuGet called FSUIPCWebSocketClientDLL.

This makes it easier for .NET applications to talk to my FSUIPCWebSocket server. This server is installed with FSUIPC7 but can be used with any version from FSUIPC3 onwards.

The server runs on the Flight Sim computer and allows offsets, LVars and HVars to be read and written over a TCP/IP connection (even over the internet if your Flight Sim PC is accessible from the internet).

It was written to allow Web Browser/JavaScript applications to use FSUIPC, but it can be used by any language that can use WebSockets and read/write JSON data structures. The new DLL makes this easy in .NET by handling the WebSocket/JSON transfers for you.

The DLL targets .NET Standard 2.0 so it's possible to use this DLL with any operating systems than supports .NET Standard 2.0.

If your application is only for Windows and you don't need access to FSUIPC across a network or the internet, or you are using WideClient.exe then the current FSUIPCClientDLL offers a much more comprehensive, feature-rich and streamlined way of writing .NET applications for FSUIPC. 

Everything you need to know about the WebSocket server and the .NET Client is on the website:



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