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No LVARS in MSFSVariableServices

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Dear Paul,

Your work is great and I am progressing with supporting my HW modules for MSFS. On my system, everything connects just fine to MSFS, all LVARS get loaded, etc. Another user of my SW has an issue: no LVARs are shown when he starts my application. To determine the root cause, we updated everything to latest greatest (FSUIPC 7.3.6. and FSUIPCClientDLL 3.2.20), compiled and ran MSFSVariableServices_CSharp application, but the same issue appears. The "Monitor Changing LVars in Real Time box just stays empty. See attached image. 

I checked, and in FSUIPC (Add-ons->WASM->List Lvars) the full list of Lvars is available. Do you have any idea as to what might cause this?

Image 6.png

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It's difficult to know where the problem is with the WASM module as there are many interacting parts.

Please try the following to narrow it down:

Instead of my example application, use John's WASMClien.exe program from the FSUIPC-WASMv0.5.9a.zip file. It's in the \WASMClient folder.

If John's client doesn't work on your user's machine then you'll need to ask John about this. This program generates a log which John can look at.

If John's client does work then it's something in my DLL. Try turning the log level to _DEBUG in my sample application source code. Recompile and run it again to see if the extra logging provides any useful information.


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