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TIST Parking sizes? MSFS2020


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It appears that you used GA Large for the parking spots around the terminal.  Therefore, AI aircraft like 737, 757, A320 cannot park at these terminal spots, because they need Gate small or medium.  So, AI aircraft just disappear on landing.  

Are you aware of this and can anything be done about it?  

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Hi @DAL488, the parking types define the type of ground services available as well as the maximum radius of the parking spot. There is no setting for minimum radius to force only airliners for example. You will see all aircraft types at GA_LARGE gates, including ground traffic like busses and trucks. 
I did some testing and it does show A320 aircraft at gates 1-8, though not all the time. I still resized the spots a bit smaller as some of the spots were overlapping so this might show them more frequently. It will still spawn business jets and Cessna's here regardless of the parking size. 

The update will be v1.7.0 and includes:
- Resized parking spots 1-8 so they will show larger jet aircraft.
- Added a new ground services file that excludes taxi-out pushbacks and marshallers (GA_SMALL and GA_CARGO)
- Fixed taxiways. Default ATC would not show the taxi ribbon and would not name taxi routes.
- Fixed incorrect hold short locations.

The update was sent to the MS store yesterday. This usually takes about 1 month for them to upload to their marketplace.  Our update will be sent to the various other sites where TIST is available, so it should be available as soon as today. 

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