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Example for reading and setting MSFS PMDG 737 Lights


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I would like to know how to set with MSFS PMDG 737-700 the PMDG AntiCollision Lights via its variable:

I tried:

PMDG_737_NGX_Offsets pmdg = new PMDG_737_NGX_Offsets();
Console.WriteLine("AC Lights: " +pmdg.LTS_AntiCollisionSw.Value.ToString());
pmdg.LTS_AntiCollisionSw.Value = 0;

This showing always "AC Lights: 0" and also it does not change the lights status, no matter if it was on or off.

I know that I could set this specific light also by sending PMDG Control left mouse button click on the EVT_OH_LIGHTS_ANT_COL, but also for this it would be good to be able to read its status first and also this does not work well for more complex tasks.


Any hints appreciated!



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Ah, yes I didn't notice you are using PMDG_737_NGX_Offsets().

This class was created for PMDG aircraft running in P3D. The MSFS offsets are different. I think the current list is in this thread:

The PMDG offsets for FSUIPC7 were changing quite frequently which is why I've not added them to my DLL yet. When they get finalised I will add them.

Until then, you need to declare the offsets in the normal way, using the PDF in the linked post.



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A new version of my DLL is now on NuGet (3.2.23-beta). You will need to tick the [show pre-release] box in the NuGet package manager to see this version.

The current PMDG_737_NGX_Controls enum has been updated with the new controls for the MSFS 737s.

There is also a new class called PMDG_737_MFSF_Offsets for the MSFS versions of the PMDG 737s.

This works like the previous offset helpers. Details in this post if you're unfamiliar:


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